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  1. conspicuous adj. (con- together + spic- to look; look at +-uous tending to ® tending to be looked at together ®) obvious or noticeable; striking in a way that attracts attention明显的;显眼的;惹人注目的Soon after the shooting,“No Trespassing”signs appeared in conspicuous colors at conspicuous locations around the preserve.这次狩猎事件发生后不久,在禁猎区周围引人注目的地方即出现了醒目的“不准入内”的牌子。

  2. depredation n. plundering劫掠After the depredations of the invaders, the people were penniless.那儿的人们遭受侵略者劫掠后一文不名。

  3. discrete adj. separate; unconnected分离的;不相关的The universe is composed of discrete bodies.宇宙是由相互分离的天体所组成的。

  4. discreet adj. (being carefully“separated apart”(from errors) ®) careful not to do or say the wrong thing; prudent (言行)谨慎的;慎重的He maintained a discreet silence.他审慎地保持沉默。

  5. disseminate v. (In disseminate, the prefix dis- keeps its original Latin sense“apart.”This prefix was attached in Latin to the verb seminare,“to sow,”which itself was derived from the noun semen,“seed.”) to distribute; spread; scatter (like seeds)散布;传播;撒播(种子等) By their use of the internet, propagandists have been able to disseminate their pet doctrines to new audiences around the globe.宣传者利用因特网把其偏爱的信条传播至全球的新观众。

  6. elicit v. (L, to draw out ®) to draw out by discussion引出;诱出;使露出The detectives tried to elicitswhereshe had hidden his loot.侦探试图诱使他说出他藏匿赃物的地方。

  7. elusive adj. evasive; baffling; hard to grasp躲避的;令人困惑的;难以捉摸的Trying to pin down exactly when the contractors would be done remodeling the house, Nancy was frustrated by their elusive replies.南希试图使承包商明确表态到底什么时候可完成房子的改建,但这些承包商的回答闪烁其词,使南希感到沮丧。

  8. epidermis n. (Gr, upper skin ®) the outer, protective layer of the skin【解】表皮

  9. exempt v. (to take out ®) to free from a rule or obligation which applies to others; excuse豁免;免除Students who get very high marks will be exempted from the final examination.获得高分的学生可免期末考试。exemption n. exempt adj. not subject to a duty or obligation被免除(责任等)的,被豁免的Because of his flat feet, Foster was exempt from serving in the armed forces.福斯特有平足缺陷,故被免参军。

  10. fauna n. (Faunus and fauna were the Roman nature god and goddess, part goat and part human, who were in charge of animals. Their helpers, who look just like them, are called fauns.) animals of a period or region (某一时期或某一地区的)动物群The scientist could visualize the fauna of the period by examining the skeletal remains and the fossils.科学家通过研究那些骨骼遗骸和化石,可想象出那一时期的动物群的形象。

  11. genre n. particular variety of art or literature (艺术或文学的)体裁,样式Both a short story writer and a poet, Langston Hughes proved himself equally skilled in either genre.兰顿·休斯既是短篇小说家又是诗人,事实证明两种体裁他都驾驭自如。

  12. hierarchy n. (1) a system of church government by priests or other clergy in graded ranks僧侣统治(2) thesgroupsof officials, esp. the highest officials, in such a system僧侣统治集团(3) arrangement by rank or standing; authoritarian body dividedsintosranks等级体系;等级森严的组织To be low man on the totem pole is to have an inferior place in the hierarchy.在图腾柱上列为地位低微的人在等级制度中位于下层。hierarchical adj.

  13. imperative adj. absolutely necessary; critically important绝对必要的;极重要的It is imperative that you be extremely agreeable to Great-Aunt Maud when she comes to tea: otherwise she may not leave you that million dollars in her will.莫德伯祖母来赴茶会时你一定要非常殷勤:否则她可能不会在遗嘱中把那百万美金遗赠给你。also n.

  14. permeable adj. penetrable; porous; allowing liquids or gas to passage through可穿过的;可渗透的;渗水的,透气的If your jogging clothes weren’t made of permeable fabric, you’d drown in your own sweat (figuratively speaking).如果你的慢跑运动服不是由可透气的织物做的,那么你会淹死在自己的汗水里(比喻说法)。permeability n. impermeable adj. impervious; not permitting passage through its substance不能渗透的;不能透过的The new material is impermeable to liquids.这种新材料是不容液体渗透的。impermeability n.

  15. incessant adj. (not ceasing ®) uninterrupted持续不断的The crickets kept up an incessant chirping which disturbed our attempts to fall asleep.蟋蟀唧唧地叫个不停,扰得我们无法入睡。cessation n. stoppage停止The airline’s employees threatened a cessation of all activities if their demands were not met.航空公司的雇员扬言要使一切运作停止下来,如果他们的要求得不到满足的话。cease v.

  16. intrinsic adj. (intra- within + secus following ®) essential; inherent; natural本质的;固有的;天然的Although my grandmother’s china has little intrinsic value, I shall always cherish it for the memories it evokes.虽然祖母的瓷器本身几无价值,但我将永远珍视它,因为它使我想起了种种往事。cf extrinsic adj. external; not essential; extraneous外部的;非本质的;外来的The judge would not admit the testimony, ruling that it was extrinsic to the matter at hand.法官不接受此项证词,裁定它与眼下审议的事无关。

  17. juxtapose v. (juxta- = beside; near) to place side by side把......并列,使并置Comparison will be easier if you juxtapose the two objects.把这两个物体并列就较易作出比较了。juxtaposition

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