Software Development Magazine Announces 11th Annual Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Award Winners

24 Winners Selected from Online Nominations by Readers, Software Vendors and Jolt Award Judges

说明:Software Development>是美国最有名的软件开发杂志之一,Jolt Award and Productivity Awards是由其举办的每年一次的颁发给全球软件业最杰出的技术与书籍的奖项。该奖由六部分组成:语言与应用环境发展;工具与设计的使用;书籍与计算机基础培训;补给程序; 库、框架和组件;专用程序。每年由读者、评委会和销售商共同提名361项产品,再由评委会选出44项来角逐以上六个领域的优胜奖


(San Francisco) April 12, 2001—Winners of the 11th Annual Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards honoring the best software development products of 2000 were announced Wednesday, April 11th, 2001 by CMP's Software Development magazine editors. The awards ceremony was held at the Software Development West Conference and Exposition at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose CA. Co-sponsored by the Rochester, NY-based Jolt Cola, the Software Development Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards are given to products that have "jolted" the industry with their significance and made the difficult task of creating corporate software faster, easier and more efficient. Jolt, "the most powerful cola," is the fabled soft drink used by software programmers to get them through complex development projects.

"Almost all of the important new development paradigms that surfaced in the past ten years—the Unified Modeling Language, open-source software, the Web, and Java—have been recognized with Jolt or Productivity Awards," said Technical Editor Roger Smith. "This years winner's—highlighting trends like lightweight methodologies, support for multiple operating system platforms, and innovative modeling solutions—continue that excellent tradition into a new decade."

Editor in Chief Alexandra Weber Morales adds, "We're pleased with the increasing reader and industry response to this venerable competition, and we plan to keep it evolving and growing. Roger and I also have a ball every year putting on the awards ceremony."

The six categories of tools nominated and chosen by a team of Software Development writers, contributing editors and columnists are Languages and Development Environments, Design and Management Tools, Books and Computer-Based Training, Libraries, Frameworks and Components, Special/Other, and Utilities and Deployment Tools. One Jolt Award and two to three Productivity Awards are given for each category. Jolt award winners receive a coveted trophy: a can of JOLT Cola encased in Lucite.

The 11th annual Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Award winners, by category, are:

Books and Computer-Based Training: Jolt Award winner: Adaptive Software Development by James A. Highsmith III, published by Dorset House. Productivity Award winners: Don't Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug, published by New Riders Publishing; Secrets and Lies by Bruce Schneier, published by John Wiley & Sons; Writing Effective Use Cases by Alistair Cockburn, published by Addison Wesley Longman.

Utilities and Deployment Tools: Jolt Award winner: VMware for Linux/Windows from Vmware. Productivity Award winners: XML Spy from Altova, Jtest from ParaSoft, and CodeRover Browser from UPSPRING Software.

Design and Management Tools: Jolt Award winner: GDPro from Embarcadero Technologies Inc. Productivity Award winners: Together Control Center from TogetherSoft, WebSphere Studio from IBM, and eSETweb from Software Productivity Center Inc.

Libraries, Frameworks and Components: Jolt Award winner: SoftWIRE from SoftWIRE Technology LLC. Productivity Award winners: Bold for Delphi from BoldSoft, and VisualSoft Crypt from VisualSoft Technologies Limited.

Special/Other: Jolt Award winner: Dreamweaver UltraDev from Macromedia.
Productivity Award winners: Flash from Macromedia, SQL Anywhere Studio from Sybase and EJB Specification 2.X from Sun Microsystems.

Languages and Development Environments: Jolt Award winner: JBuilder from Borland. Productivity Award winners: Weblogic EJB Server from BEA systems, WebGain Studio from WebGain Corp., and Zope from Digital Creations.

Hall of Fame Award: Visual SlickEdit from MicroEdge

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More information on the Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards is available at www.sdmagazine.com

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要在 Spring Boot 中整合 Jolt,你可以按照以下步骤进行操作: 1. 添加依赖:在你的 Spring Boot 项目的 pom.xml 文件中,添加 Jolt 的依赖。你可以在 Maven 中央仓库中找到最新的 Jolt 依赖版本。例如: ```xml <dependency> <groupId>com.bazaarvoice.jolt</groupId> <artifactId>jolt</artifactId> <version>0.4.0</version> </dependency> ``` 2. 创建 Jolt 转换规则:在你的项目中创建一个 JSON 文件,定义 Jolt 转换规则。例如,创建一个名为 `jolt-spec.json` 的文件,内容如下: ```json [ { "operation": "shift", "spec": { "name": "firstName", "age": "age" } } ] ``` 这个规则将把输入 JSON 中的 "name" 字段映射到输出 JSON 的 "firstName" 字段,将 "age" 字段映射到输出 JSON 的 "age" 字段。 3. 创建 Jolt 转换类:在你的 Spring Boot 项目中创建一个类,用于加载和应用 Jolt 转换规则。例如,创建一个名为 `JoltTransformer.java` 的类: ```java import com.bazaarvoice.jolt.Chainr; import com.bazaarvoice.jolt.JsonUtils; import java.util.List; public class JoltTransformer { private Chainr chainr; public JoltTransformer() { List<Object> specs = JsonUtils.classpathToList("/jolt-spec.json"); chainr = Chainr.fromSpec(specs); } public Object transform(Object input) { return chainr.transform(input); } } ``` 这个类加载了之前定义的 Jolt 转换规则,并提供了一个 `transform` 方法用于应用规则。 4. 使用 Jolt 转换:在你的 Spring Boot 项目中,使用 JoltTransformer 类来进行 JSON 数据转换。例如,创建一个名为 `JoltController.java` 的控制器类: ```java import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.PostMapping; import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestBody; import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RestController; @RestController public class JoltController { private JoltTransformer joltTransformer; public JoltController(JoltTransformer joltTransformer) { this.joltTransformer = joltTransformer; } @PostMapping("/transform") public Object transformJson(@RequestBody Object input) { return joltTransformer.transform(input); } } ``` 这个控制器类使用了 JoltTransformer 类进行 JSON 数据转换。当 POST 请求发送到 "/transform" 路径时,它会将请求体中的 JSON 数据应用 Jolt 转换规则,并返回转换后的结果。 5. 运行应用程序:启动你的 Spring Boot 应用程序,并访问 "/transform" 路径进行测试。你可以通过发送 JSON 数据的 POST 请求来测试转换功能。 以上是整合 Spring Boot 和 Jolt 的基本步骤,你可以根据自己的需求进行进一步的扩展和定制。希望对你有所帮助!


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