CMP Media's Software Development Media Group is a comprehensive information system of print, Web, and live-event offerings providing professional developers with authoritative and trustworthy information about software development methodologies, tools and companies that enhance productivity. Our mission is to provide application developers with useful and accurate technical information helping them write better software, optimize business performance, and provide advertisers with widely-respected, market-leading media to reach buyers and increase product sales.

C/C++ Users Journal
C/C++ Users Journal provides sophisticated technical information to advanced professional developers. Written by and for experienced programmers, C/C++ Users Journal focuses on practical solutions to complex C/C++ programming problems. The essential goal is to enhance and extend the skill and tool sets of the advanced development community.

Dr. Dobb's Journal
Dr. Dobb’s Journal is written exclusively for professional software developers and development managers. For 25 years, DDJ has remained the only magazine covering cross-platform business-systems development in serious depth. DDJ provides these technology experts with advanced tools and techniques using relevant, real-world solutions. This approach attracts and delivers the critical technical players involved in designing and setting enterprise systems strategy.

MSDN Magazine
MSDN Magazine is the developers’ guide to Microsoft tools, development environments, and technologies for Windows and the Web. As part of Microsoft’s indispensable MSDN family of developer resources, the magazine offers readers essential, cutting-edge information on Microsoft technologies.

Software Development Conference and Exhibition
The Software Development Conference & Expo (SD) is the must-attend event of the year where development professionals go to learn about the emerging trends, technologies, and tools of software development. SD is the only independent event covering multiple languages and platforms essential to building complex applications.

Software Development Magazine
Software Development Magazine helps IT and business leaders to develop, manage, and purchase enterprise-wide software development projects. The goal of each issue is to provide IT and development managers with leadership and mission-critical guidance over the management of complex, n-tier technology solutions.

Software Development Management Summit
Software Development Management Summit is devoted exclusively to the success of software management. The focus of the SD Management Summit is to advance, establish, and evangelize quality standards, best practices, and tested methodologies of successful software development.

SysAdmin Magazine
Sys Admin is written exclusively for systems administrators working in mixed computing environments that include Unix in all its flavors: Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, BSD, etc. Now in its ninth year, Sys Admin is the only magazine providing the solutions-focused editorial these technical professionals need to keep their systems up and running effectively 24/7/365. Every issue of Sys Admin provides techniques to make systems more secure, more efficient, and more reliable. web site is the only complete online resource for administrators, programmers, web developers, and other UNIX professionals. This information center provides news, columns, reviews, and in-depth features on open-source software and proprietary solutions on all flavors of Unix, including Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Irix, and BSD.

Web Services World
Web Services World focuses on the emergence of web services and their implications for the software industry and businesses worldwide. The web services1 standards-based, open-development concept transcends proprietary restrictions, providing unprecedented opportunities for collaboration.

Windows Developer Magazine
Windows Developer Magazine addresses the information needs of software professionals responsible for developing and deploying complex, network-aware applications for Windows-based desktops, servers and mobile devices. Readers of Windows Developer are source code level experts who control how Windows merges with all other software environments. They turn to Windows Developer as a unique and trusted source of Windows to Web development solutions

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