how to operate softmac

Curious about the wifi changing MAC address on official 2.3.1 firmware,

i found on /etc (or /system/etc)


#check softmac
if [ -e /system/wifi/softmac ]
	echo update softmac
	touch /system/wifi/softmac
	echo 00:50:`expr $RANDOM % 89 + 10`:`expr $RANDOM % 89 + 10`:`expr $RANDOM % 89 + 10`:`expr $RANDOM % 89 + 10` > /system/wifi/softmac

look suspicious.. as this will generate random MAC address..

EDIT: i try delete those lines, but MAC still random, every turn on/off wifi :(


Here's how it done to have a stable MAC (this method to overcome random MAC Address on official 2.3.1 firmware, until it can be fixed by manufacturer)

1. download firmware any 2.3.1 with random MAC (skip if you already have), as per this post's date all 2.3.1 do (official/c8lean).
2. extract the firmare to a folder
3. using total commander goes to that folder and double click on utv210_root.tgz, then go to system/etc/ ... (using totalcommander will ease a lot)
4. right click on, edit
5. do the modification (delete everything below "#check softmac"), then save
6. if asked for update/repack click YES
7. flashed the modified firmware to your tablet (usual method)
8. done, your tablet will have a static MAC (always 00:03:7f:0e:a2:19), 

CAUTION: this MAC will be the same for all tablet applying this mod, kinda weird and wrong :D... if you only have one tablet, then no problem (like me), but if you have more thatn one herotab c8/its clone applied with this mod, your WIFI router will confused.

no guarantee whatsoever that this mod will work on your tablet, but it works with mine and other user reported here.
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