LeetCode 137. Single Number II(单个数字)

原题网址:https://leetcode.com/problems/single-number-ii/ Given an array of integers, every element appears three times except for one. Find that single...

2016-05-27 00:22:35

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LeetCode 67. Add Binary(二进制加)

原题网址:https://leetcode.com/problems/add-binary/ Given two binary strings, return their sum (also a binary string). For example, a = "11" ...

2016-05-22 00:04:55

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LeetCode 66. Plus One(加1)

原题网址:https://leetcode.com/problems/plus-one/ Given a non-negative number represented as an array of digits, plus one to the number. The digits are...

2016-05-22 00:04:52

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LeetCode 306. Additive Number(加法的数字)

原题网址:https://leetcode.com/problems/additive-number/ Additive number is a string whose digits can form additive sequence. A valid additive sequence...

2016-04-20 01:13:12

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