How to Insert Word Image at Specific Location with C#, VB.NET

2014-04-24 10:40:07

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Insert OpenXmlElement after word bookmark in Open XML SDK

2014-04-23 12:59:39

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OpenXML: How do I? Introduction  OpenXML is the de facto means for working with Office Documents, and ...

2014-04-22 10:39:19

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使用 Open XML SDK 2.0 从 Word 2010 文档中提取样式 虽然可利用 Open XML 文件格式检索 Microsoft Word 文档中的内容快,但执行此操作需要做一些工作。Open XML SDK 2.0 添加了...

2014-04-22 10:35:49

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Creation of a Word 2007 document using the Open XML Format SDK

Introduction On April 2009, Microsoft published the Open XML Format SDK 2.0 CTP. Open XML is an open ECMA 376 standard, and is also approved as the ...

2014-04-21 17:28:26

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使用 Open XML 操作文档模板自动生成报表

2014-04-21 16:59:39

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Creating a new Microsoft Word document from a template using OpenXml When working ...

2014-04-21 16:07:02

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ADO.NET 如何取得 Stored Procedure 的回傳值 (如何获得Stored Procedure 的Last inset id?)

若使用 ADO.NET 連接資料庫並呼叫預儲程序(Stored Procedure)的話,基本上有三種方式可以取得執行後的結果,分別如下: 在預儲程序中最後一行直接用 SELECT 語法回傳表格資料在預儲程序中使用輸出參數(Output Parameter)的方式回傳資料在預儲程序中使用 R...

2014-04-16 10:26:09

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ASP.NET Error:Adding the specified count to the semaphore would cause it to exceed its maximum count

2014-04-14 10:32:13

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MySQL IF Statement

Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to use MySQL IF statement to execute a block of SQL code based on conditions. The MySQL IF statement...

2014-04-13 21:04:06

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MySQL Stored Procedure Parameters

Summary: in this tutorial, we will show you how to write MySQL stored procedures with parameters. We will also give you a couple of stored procedur...

2014-04-13 20:42:04

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MySQL Stored Procedure Variables

Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn about variables in stored procedure, how to declare, and use variables. In addition, you will learn about t...

2014-04-13 19:09:19

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Getting Started with MySQL Stored Procedures

Summary: in this tutorial, we will show you step by step how to develop the first MySQL stored procedure by using CREATE PROCEDURE statement. In ...

2014-04-13 18:39:28

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Introduction to MySQL Stored Procedures

2014-04-13 17:44:49

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Discover clues in th HTML

Developers are notorious for leaving statements like FIXME's, TODO's, Code Broken, Hack, etc... inside the source code.  Review the source code for a...

2014-04-13 13:46:23

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5 XSS Exploits You Should Know About

2014-04-12 22:30:45

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JSON INJECTION (OWASP Bangalore- Dec 15 2012)

What is JSON- JavaScript Object Notation? JSON is a is a lightweight, text-based, language-independent data interchange format with parsers av...

2014-04-11 10:25:40

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How to read data from csv file in c#

2014-04-10 16:56:16

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Analyzing PDF Malware - Part 3D This is part 3D, the final point in the Analyzing PDF Malware constell...

2014-04-10 11:21:03

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Analyzing PDF Malware - Part 3C

Let me explain, no there is too much, let me sum up… This is part 3C in the ongoing saga of the Analyzing PDF Malware series. If you haven’t read an...

2014-04-10 11:19:27

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