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Oracle Order Management - Version 12.0.4 to 12.2.6 [Release 12.0 to 12.2]
Oracle Inventory Management - Version 12.0.4 to 12.2.6 [Release 12 to 12.2]
Oracle Shipping Execution - Version 12.0.4 to 12.2.6 [Release 12.0 to 12.2]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


This Document will guide the user through the steps to install a version of HTMomse script (named ONTomse12.sql) to be executed as a standard Concurrent Request from the Applications.

The creation of the Concurrent Request needs to be performed by the System Administrator, this will be a one time task. 
Once installed the end user will have the ability to execute the Diagnostic script without the need of SQL access or the password for the Applications Owner user.
Currently the execution of the existing script (HTMomse12.sql) requires the intervention of the System Administrator or DBA who has access to SQL*Plus and Applications Owner password.

About the ONTomse12.sql script 
The purpose of this script is to collect information related to a sales order, its shipment lines and workflow status, this is an equivalent of script  HTMomse12.sql from Note 133464.1

Download the file (script in ZIP format)  -- Last update 16-SEP-2016

*** Please note that after 25-MAR-2016 the script has an additional parameter, if you are updating the version please follow the instructions to define the new parameter ***
*** The additional parameter will allow the user to disable the validation process to reduce the execution time ***

Creation of the Concurrent Request entry:
To simplify the process we will use an existing definition as a base.

1. Locate the file ONTomse12.sql on $ONT_TOP/sql

Login to the server as application manager user
Copy ONTomse12.sql file to $ONT_TOP/sql directory
Set file permissions to at least 644 (rw-r--r--)

2. Create the Concurrent request definition.

Login as 'System Administrator' responsibility
Navigate to: Concurrent / Program / Executable
On the new window enter:
  Executable: HTMomse
  Short Name: HTMomse
  Application: Order Management
  Description: Diagnostics HTMomse
  Execution Method: SQL*Plus
  Execution File Name: ONTomse12
Close window

Note: The Output Format is shown as 'Text', this will not affect how the output displays on the browser, if the user wants it can be set to 'HTML'.

concurrent executable

Navigate to: Concurrent / Program / Define
Query for Program "Diagnostics: OM Order Information"
Use the 'Copy to' button
On the new window enter:
  Program: Diagnostics: HTMomse
  Short Name: ONTOMSE
  Application: Order Management
  Check on Include Parameters
  Click OK
Back on the Concurrent Program definition form, the current name is now Diagnostics: HTMomse
Move to the 'Executable' section
Change the Name to HTMomse   --> This is the Executable defined above.
Method should remain SQL*Plus 

concurrent program

Click on the button 'Parameters'    --> We need to add an additional parameter to control if the validation is performed
The Parameters window shows two parameters:
10 - Order Number   - Order Number
20 - Line Number     - Line Number
Locate the cursor on the third line and enter:        *** Additional parameter after 25-MAR-2016 update ***
30 - Validation        - Perform Validation
On the 'Validation' section          --> The parameter accepts one Character  Y  or  N
Field 'Value Set' select 'YES_NO' from the LOV  
Field 'Default Type' select 'Constant'
Field 'Default Value' enter 'Yes'   --> You may choose to default to No 
Field 'Display Size' change to 3  and  click 'OK' on confirmation message
Field 'Prompt' enter text 'Perform Validation Y / N'
*** Please Note that the script is expecting one character: Y or N, if no value is passed the default is 'Y',
if a different value (not Y or N) or a longer value is passed the script will evaluate only the first character ***
*** The Value Set 'YES_NO' may be replaced for any value set accepting one or more characters, based on your installation ***

Optional step&clickstream=no"/epmos/main/downloadattachmentprocessor?parent=DOCUMENT&sourceId=1401831.1&attachid=1401831.1:CONC_PARAM1&clickstream=yes" border="0" alt="conc parameter 1" title="conc parameter 1" hspace="0" vspace="0" />

conc parameter 2

Third Parameter

3. Add the new Concurrent Request to the Order Management 
    Connect to 'System Administrator' responsibility
    Navigate to: Security / Responsibility / Request
    Query the Group OM Concurrent Programs
    Move to Requests section (Click on the first line)
    Use the Add button on Menu (green Plus sign)
    On the new line enter:
    Type: Program 
    Name: Diagnostics: HTMomse (LOV is available)
    The rest of the field will be defaulted.

OM Concurrent Requests

4. Test the Concurrent Request
    Connect to 'Order Management SuperUser' responsibility
    Navigate to: Reports, Requests / Run Requests
    Select Single Request
    On the Requests window enter:
    Name: Diagnostics: HTMomse
    A new window opens for Parameters, enter values
    Order Number field is Mandatory (LOV is available)
      --> the field displays the Order Number followed by the Header_Id
    Line Number is optional (LOV is available)
    Perform Validation is optional, default value is 'Yes'.
    Click OK (Parameters window closes)
    Click on Submit

5. Saving the Script Output
    Navigate to: View / Requests
    Click on Find.
    Select (Click) the request named 'Diagnostics: HTMomse', the parameters field will show the Header_Id.
    Click on  'View Output'.
    The output file will open on a browser.
    To Save the file:
    Navigate to:  File / Save as   (Internet Explorer)      or      File / Save Page as    (Firefox)
    Please make sure to set field 'Save as Type' to 'Webpage, HTML Only'
    Click on Save.


 If the saved file contains 'Authentication failed.' please review:
        Note 578155.1 - Notification Link for a Concurrent Request Expires Before Being Viewed


* This script is developed and maintained by Oracle Support Services. It has been tested internally and should work as documented.
* This script is intended to be installed on Unix/Linux servers, on a Windows Server it may fail to redirect the final output file to the Concurrent Request output location.
* This script is being updated periodically. To update your current version you need to perform only the step one from the instructions:
    '1. Locate the file ONTomse12.sql on $ONT_TOP/sql'.

Known Limitation:
When using a distributed installation (DataBase Server and Concurrent Managers on different Nodes) as the output file is created on the DataBase Server the Concurrent request form will not be able to access the output file.



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