the ways to winning

The ways to go are winning or losing, not winning and losing. Sure, we can find many ways not to do things, but, we all must persist until we find the right ways to do things. That is the genuine way to go down the right path of winning. The wrong path of winning is to expect to be perfectly right all of the time. To quote Thomas Edison, "I did not fail, I only found one more way not to do it. " That in a nut shell is the attitude that should be taken to genuine ultimate winning and temporary losing. But I must stretch this honesty into a whole "action packed" article, so I will give it to you straight without any fearfully emotional "games. "

The saying that for every failure, there is an equal and equivalent benefit with persistence comes with a definite catch: The catch is that you must persist without matter to what temporary failure may "come at you" because success comes with trying different ways to succeed, most of the times finding one more way not to do it, and finding the ways to do it less than you find the ways not to do it.

What am I getting at in the above, there are two ways to go, quit or win. Here, I will not say lose or win, because quitting without succeeding is losing. That is the essence of loss. Finding many different and creative ways to succeed is genuinely winning, especially after the initial success. For this is the genuine essence of capitalizing and building on success. "Running something into the ground" is succeeding and then finding ways to sabotage yourself, that also is negative. But when you creatively build upon your success, do not get me wrong, that is positive also; for staying in the same place too long and "running it into the ground" that way is also a form of negative failure.

So, in the case of reality and what it comes down to quitting time without succeeding is losing time, I can understand short rest after long effort; but I do not understand "quit before genuinely succeeding. " What do you think the secret to the success of Henry Ford and his eight cylinder engine was that made him all that money anyhow? Yes, if you answered "because he did not quit before genuinely succeeding, " or a similar answer you are correct. If you answer something like, "oh, he got lucky and made a chance breakthrough at the right time, " you are wrong. Genuine success says everything then, without matter to what it takes, genuine failure says nothing, because it takes premature quitting before finding the answer, so naturally it would say nothing. So, the ways to go are winning or losing, not winning and losing, what will you choose?