Java 2 Standard Edition(J2SE) JDK/JRE 5.0 Update 3

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April 28, 2005
J2SE 5.0 Update 3 Now Available
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Changes in 1.5.0_03

The official version number for is update release is 1.5.0_03-b07. Bug fixes are listed in the following table.

6207079 hotspotcompiler1Hotspot client compiler overfills CodeBuffer: crashes when deoptimizing.
6207830 hotspotcompiler2JCK: /api/java_net/URI/[Ctor, Components,Create] Tests failing with [-server -Xcomp] in Linux
6208545 hotspotcompiler2The popup menu displays the graphical box but there is no menu items inside the box.
6209737 hotspotcompiler2REGRESSION:Compilation error "local schedule failed (not retryable)" with simple loop
6213473 hotspotjniJCK1.5: JNI call made with exception when -Xcheck:jni is used.
5092850 hotspotjvmtiRedefineClasses causes VerifyError
6214132 hotspotjvmtiVerifier must treat all versions of class being redefined as equal types
6219495 hotspotjvmtiCompiledMethodLoad reports incorrect addresses in the location map
6227583 hotspotruntime_systemSolaris-amd64: nsk/regression/b4660518 test exceeds the default 18-page shadow zone size
6206786 javaaptapt should return members in source order
6250473 javaaptREGRESSION: apt slower in Tiger update train than FCS due to name lookup
4949631 javachar_encodingsString.getBytes() does not work on some strings larger than 16MB
5101128 javachar_encodings(cs) CoderResult.isOverflow() returns false when UTF-16 overflows
5089985 javaclasses_2dDrawing GeneralPath crashes JVM if antialias is on
4984794 javaclasses_awtInvisible applet steals focus from HTML form field (MSIE, Sun plug-in only)
5082319 javaclasses_awtREGRESSION: JComboBox don't respond to arrow keys on linux (has focus listener)
5095117 javaclasses_awt[Cinnabar17] On X86, suntea login page can't be input
6173972 javaclasses_awtbackspace, arrow keys, and return key not working in java applications
6213128 javaclasses_awt[Cinnabar25 Linux]SunTea hangs the system
6213128 javaclasses_awt[Cinnabar25 Linux]SunTea hangs the system
6195099 javaclasses_lang(ref) test/java/lang/ref/SoftReference/ fails
6210227 javaclasses_netREGRESSION: Socket.getLocalAddress() returns address of on outbound TCP
6181598 javaclasses_nioString constructor with "KSC5601" encoding throws AccessControlException
5100483 javaclasses_securityKerberos module cannot authentiate with different KDCs/principal names
6219491 javaclasses_securityCertStore.getInstance(String,CertStoreParameters,String) throws NoSuchAlgorithmE
4548788 javaclasses_swingJTree should toggle for all even-numbered clicks
4656461 javaclasses_swingCannot Ctrl-Shift-Click to create disjoint selection interval in list
4897333 javaclasses_swingXP L&F: JComboBox has wrong rollover effect under Windows XP LookAndFeel
4924758 javaclasses_swing1.4 REGRESSION: In Motif L&F JComboBox doesn't react when spacebar is pressed
4994329 javaclasses_swingGTK: JColorChooser hue spinner doesn't update the selected color
5056403 javaclasses_swingREGRESSION: JTabbedPane setFocusable(false) and removing tabs
5075526 javaclasses_swingREGRESSION: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in BasicTabbedPaneUI.getTabBounds()
5077738 javaclasses_swingChanging system preferences after switching from GTK L&F causes L&F mixup
5102490 javaclasses_swingLead Selection index is not shown in JFileChooser on GTK LAF
6209095 javaclasses_swingMake the demo code more friendly to build
6218309 javaclasses_texttest/java/text/Format/ failed for tr_TR
6180194 javaclasses_util142_xx: Missing exception/error messages while using unsynchronized Collection objects concurrently
5104960 javaclasses_util_i18nNew Romanian currency
6206839 javaclasses_util_i18nNew Currency for Madagascar
6213461 javaclasses_util_i18nRegtest java/util/Currency/ fails after 2005-01-01 due to new Turkish lire
6181784 javadebuggerStep requests ignored after an exception in debugee
6208676 javainstallError 1722 coming during jre1.5.0 installation by Windows user with limited (+elevated) priviledges
6208965 javainstallPackage based installation of tiger update 1 shows J2SDK
6224405 javainstallREGRESSION: wrong time stamp for plugin dll files on Win98(2nd)
6238128 javainstallTiger Update 2 JRE patch bundle creates msvcrt.dll under jre1.5.0_02/bin
6247771 javainstallREGRESSION: uninstall JDK 5.0u3 does not remove demo dir on windows
6182685 javalocalizationincorrect "group (thousands) separator" in 5.0 sun.text.resources.LocaleElements_sv
6208712 javalocalizationS. Chinese translation for Twi language is wrong
6209342 javalocalizationS.Chinese localization for JDK software
6215109 javalocalizationsome of jdk man pages show unnecessary lines in ja locale
6237671 javalocalizationS.Chinese localization for JDK software - part II
5105765 javanative_interfaceREGRESSION: JNI Performance Regression in 1.5.0 -server
6215480 javaprofilingHPROF: broken when used with HAT, starting with 1.5.0_01, Missing thread dump
5075546 javaruntimeremove memory barrier on native transitions
6215746 java_pluginapplet_specDisable META-INF/* lookup from codebase in applet/plugin classloader
6234219 java_plugincompatibilityDo not set initial focus on an applet during startup if applet is targeted for JDK 1.1/1.2
5080386 java_pluginiexplorerProblem with embedded Internet Explorer using Sun Java
6226589 java_pluginlinuxApplets hang when using plugin 1.5 in Linux with Mozilla 1.7.x
5023873 java_pluginmisc"javaplugin.classloader.cache.enabled=false" does not work
5024379 java_pluginocxREGRESSION: isActive call from Javascript no longer works in IE
5017051 java_pluginotherApplet will not reauthenticate user when returning from another applet
6227551 java_pluginotherREGRESSION: Loading applet fails if URL contains %7E
6189594 javawebstartdownload_engineJava Webstart application startup is too slow
6222350 javawebstartdownload_engineRegression: updating title or icon in jnlp file will not update shortcuts.
6206216 javawebstartgeneralcan't remove old app if vendor change title attribute in jnlp file on windows platform
6227874 javawebstartgeneraljavaws apps are put in Add/Remove progrgrams entries for all users
6189106 javawebstartjnlp_fileJava Web Start jnlp file caching problem.
6221549 javawebstartjnlp_fileTCK-jnlp 1.5: jnlp_file/resources/j2se/index.html#vmArgs hang in some cases.
6231216 jcepkcs11_cspSupport wrapping of software keys using RSA-PKCS1
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