[CV论文读讲] sparse coding稀疏表达论文列表


1 What is the Goal of Sensory Coding:
  介绍了两种sensory coding 的方式 PCA 和 Sparse coding,并比较了他们的优缺点,指出对于大   多数生物信息处理来说多采用sparse coding的方式。

2 Sparse coding with an overcomplete basis set A strategy employed by V1 :  (戴纬)
作者examine the neruobiological implications of sparse coding

3 Emergence of Simple-Cell Receptive Field Properties by Learning a Sparse Code for  Natural Images: (李海昌)
  指出对于自然图像来说,对应于sparse表示的集(也就是字典)为 gabor filter 一类的基。有代码。

4 Regression shrinkage and selection via the lasso (肖鸿飞、康翠翠)

5 atomic decomposition by basis pursuit (戴玮)
  求解sparse的一种方法: linear programming.

6 Non-negative matrix factorization with sparseness constraints (朱飞云)
  在non-negative matrix factorization中加入系数的sparse约束,使得分解得到的基更像一个part.

7 Least angle regression
8 sparse_signal_restoration(谷鹄翔)
  用iterated soft-thresholding algorithm 求解L1

9 A Fast Iterative Shrinkage-Thresholding Algorithm (谷鹄翔)
  求解L1,类似与iterated soft-thresholding algorithm,但速度快

10 Iteratively Re-weighted Least Squares Minimization for Sparse Recovery 
  用iteratively Re-weighted Least Squares 求解L1约束或者是L_{p}约束

11 K-SVD: An Algorithm for Designing Overcomplete Dictionaries for Sparse Representation (徐元)

12 Image denoising via sparse and redundant representations over learned dictionaries (徐元)
  sparse 用于denoising

13 Image Super-Resolution as Sparse Representation of Raw Image Patches  (刘绍国)
  sparse 用于super-resolution

14 Robust Face Recognition via Sparse   (徐元)

15 Compressed sensing

16 Robust uncertainty principles Exact signal reconstruction from highly incomplete frequency information

17 Enhancing Sparsity by Reweighted l1 Minimization

18 Supervised Dictionary Learning (汪凌峰)

Close the Loop Joint Blind Image Restoration and Recognition with Sparse Representation Prior:

Gabor Feature based Sparse Representation for Face Recognition with Gabor Occlusion Dictionary

Online Detection of Unusual Events in Videos via Dynamic Sparse Coding:
与sparse denosing, superresolution的思路差不多

Online Dictionary Learning for Sparse Coding : 可以解决大量样本学习字典的问题
Optical Flow Estimation Using Learned Sparse Model
Robust Tracking Using Local Sparse Appearance Model and K-Selection
Sparse Approximated Nearest Points for Image Set Classifcation

Sparse Representation for Color Image Restoration:
都有:denoising, demosaicing, inpainting

Supervised Dictionary Learning:

Learning with Structured Sparsity:
A note on the group lasso and a sparse group:



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