sublime text 3使用格式化代码插件CodeFomatter时报错 PHP Deprecated: The each() function is deprecated.


sublime text 3使用Ctrl+Alt+f快捷键对代码格式化的时候报错如下:

Format error:
PHP Deprecated: The each() function is deprecated.This message will be suppressed on further calls in phar://D:/Program Files/Sublime Text 3 /Data/Packages/CodeFormatter/codeformatter/lib/phpbeautifier/phpf.phar/phpf.php on lin 5386




    "codeformatter_debug": false,

        "syntaxes": "php", // Syntax names which must process PHP formatter
        "php_path": "D://Program Files/phpStudy/php/php-7.0.12-nts/php.exe", // Path for PHP executable, e.g. "/usr/lib/php" or "C:/Program Files/PHP/php.exe". If empty, uses command "php" from system environments
        "format_on_save": false, // Format on save. Either a boolean (true/false) or a string regexp tested on filename. Example : "^((?!.min.|vendor).)*$"
        "php55_compat": false, // PHP 5.5 compatible mode
        "psr1": false, // Activate PSR1 style
        "psr1_naming": false, // Activate PSR1 style - Section 3 and 4.3 - Class and method names case
        "psr2": true, // Activate PSR2 style
        "indent_with_space": 4, // Use spaces instead of tabs for indentation
        "enable_auto_align": true, // Enable auto align of = and =>
        "visibility_order": true, // Fixes visibility order for method in classes - PSR-2 4.2
        "smart_linebreak_after_curly": true, // Convert multistatement blocks into multiline blocks

        // Enable specific transformations. Example: ["ConvertOpenTagWithEcho", "PrettyPrintDocBlocks"]
        // You can list all available transformations from command palette: CodeFormatter: Show PHP Transformations
        "passes": [],

        // Disable specific transformations
        "excludes": []


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