Comparison of VoIP software

Comparison of VoIP software

This is a comparison of voice over IP (VoIPsoftware used to conduct telephone-like voice conversations across Internet Protocol (IP) based networks. For residential markets, voice over IPphone service is often cheaper than traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) service and can remove geographic restrictions to telephone numbers, e.g., have a PSTN phone number in a New York area code ring in Tokyo.

For businesses, VoIP obviates separate voice and data pipelines, channelling both types of traffic through the IP network while giving the telephony user a range of advanced abilities.

Softphones are client devices for making and receiving voice and video calls over the IP network with the standard functions of most original telephones and usually allow integration with VoIP phones and USB phones instead of using a computer's microphone and speakers (or headset). Most softphone clients run on the open Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) supporting various codecs. Skype runs on a closed proprietary networking protocol but additional business telephone system (PBX) software can allow a SIP based telephone system to connect to the Skype network.[1] Online chat programs now also incorporate voice and video communications.

Other VoIP software applications include conferencing servers, intercom systems, virtual foreign exchange services (FXOs) and adapted telephony software which concurrently support VoIP and public switched telephone network (PSTN) like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, dial in dictation, on hold and call recording servers.

Some entries below are Web-based VoIP; most are standalone applications.

Softphone applications[edit]

ProgramOperating systemsLicenseCostsProtocolsCodecsEncryptionMax conference peersOther abilitiesLatest release
AudioCodesMobilityPLUSWindowsAndroidiOSProprietary?SIPRTPXMPPSTUNICEG.722wideband, G.711aG.711uiLBCG.729aSILKGSM, VP8, H.264OpusTLSSRTPUnknownVoice, video, IM, Group chat, content sharing, SMS and MMS over IP services, native and social network contacts integration, incoming call/IM push notifications.2014; 4 years ago
Avaya Application Server 5300 Soft ClientWindowsProprietary?SIPRTPUnknownTLSSRTPUnknown 2.0; 2010; 8 years ago
BlinkLinuxmacOSWindowsMixed: free software versions under GNU GPLv3 + shareware versions under gplv3 with exception of including proprietary codeWindows and Linux are free, macOS version is available for a fee in Mac App Store, source code is freely availableICESIPMSRPRFB (VNC)XCAPOpusspeexG.722GSMiLBCPCMUPCMATLSSRTPand ZRTP on all versions, OTR/SMP on Linux and macOS only[2]No limitIM, file transfer, desktop sharing, multi-party conference, widebandBlink Qt
CSipSimpleAndroidGPLFreeSIPICESTUNTURNOpusAMRG.711 (u-law/a-law), speexG.722GSMiLBCG.729(need to buy a licensed plugin), iSACSILK(narrow-band/wide-band/ultra wide-band)SRTP, SIP over TLS 1.0 and ZRTPUnknownSIP SIMPLE messaging, Support for IPv6, Integration with Android operating system with filters and rewriting rules1.0.2; November 2014; 3 years ago
Cisco IP Communicator[3]WindowsAndroidProprietaryFree (for Cisco SMB Partners only)SCCP(Skinny), SIPTFTPHTTP(for XML Services)G.722wideband, G.711aG.711uiLBCiSACG.729aG.729abSRTPUnlimited (with bridge), 2 otherwise[4]Call Recording, Silent Monitoring, Multiple lines and directory numbers, Configurable speed dial, Calling name and number display, Call Waiting, Call Forward, Call Transfer, Three-Way Calling (conference), Call Park, Call Pickup, Redial, Hold, Barge, Callback, Extension Mobility, Message waiting indicator, iDivert, Meet Me conferencing, Group Pickup, Do Not Disturb, XML Services8.6.6; April 27, 2016; 2 years ago
DiscordmacOSAndroidiOSWindowsLinuxProprietaryFree, Premium "Nitro" Subscription for Additional Features.?OpusTLS5,000 soft limit[5]IM, file sharing, in-game overlay02.01.2018; February 1, 2018; 4 months ago
EkigaLinuxWindows, OpenSolarisGPLFreeSIPH.323STUNZeroconf, XMPP, RTPH.263H.264/MPEG-4 AVCTheoraiLBC, Speex, SILK, GSM, ...NoUnknownVideo, IM, LDAP, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Auto-answering, PC to phone, phone to PC, Multiple accounts, USP support, Message waiting indicator, SIMPLE-based presence etc.4.0.1 (February 21, 2013; 5 years ago) [±][6]
EmpathyLinuxGPLFreeSIPXMPP(Jingle), ICE(STUN-TURN), ZeroconfUnknownNoUnknownIM, multi-user A/V,[7]collaborative applications3.12.12[8] (May 13, 2016; 2 years ago) [±]
Eyeball ChatWindowsProprietaryFreeSIPSTUNICEXMPPUnknownYes5[9]IM, Conferencing, Voice, Video and SIMPLE based presenceWindows 3.2; 2009; 9 years ago
eyeBeamWindowsProprietary?SIP-SIMPLEUnknownTLSSRTP6 party audio; 3 party videoVoice and Video calling; IM; Import Microsoft Outlook Contacts; USB Support; Call Recording and Conferencing1.5.20.1; March 2010; 8 years ago
Google+ HangoutsLinuxWindowsmacOSAndroidiOSProprietary(using libjingle)FreeXMPPH.264/SVC, H.264/AVCH.263 and VP8SRTP10Video, chat, screen sharing, with additional tools available as "Hangout Apps".Google Chrome Web Store extension
2013.626.1614.1 (July 9, 2013; 4 years ago) [±] [10]
IBM SametimeLinuxmacOSWindows, mobileProprietary?SIP-SIMPLET.120H.323TLSUnknownIM, File transfer, Voice, Presence, Server stored contact list, HTTP tunneling, plugins, embedable in Lotus Notes[11]8.5.2; May 8, 2011; 7 years ago
iCallLinuxmacOSWindowsiOSAndroidProprietaryFreeSIPAIMICQXMPPSpeexCELTWebMTLSZRTPNo limitVideo, file transfer, PC to phone, phone to PC, IM (MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, XMPP, Google Talk), Voicemail7.1.522
JitsiLinuxmacOSWindows (all java supported). ExperimentalAndroid builds are also available.[12]ApacheFreeSIP-SIMPLEXMPP-JingleSTUN ICETURNSILKG.722SpeexOpusG.711(PCMU/PCMA), iLBCGSMG.729H.264H.263VP8ZRTPSRTPOTRTLSUnknownText messaging, audio-video telephony, IPv6 (often broken,[13] P2P not supported[14]), call recording, 64-bit2.10 (build.5550) (February 5, 2017; 16 months ago) [±]
KPhoneLinux (KDE)GPLFreeSIPSTUNNAPTR-SRVUnknownSRTPUnknownVideo, voice, IM, external Sessions, IPv6 support for UDP1.2 (November 2008)
Kiax ver.2Linux (KDE), WindowsGPLFreeIAXSpeexG711GSMiLBCNoUnknownMultiple calls, DTMF, Hold, Resume, HTTP API2.1-Beta2 April 26, 2013; 5 years ago[15][16]
LibrestreamOnsight ConnectWindowsAndroidiOSProprietary?SIPRTPSTUNG.711H.264, MPEG, and othersTLSSRTPUnknownVoice, video, conferencing, image sharing, incoming call/IM push notifications.February 27, 2018; 3 months ago
LinphoneLinuxWindowsmacOSAndroidiPhoneBlackBerryGPLFreeSIPSpeexOpusG711GSMG.722VP8(WebM), H263MPEG4Theoraand H264(plugin)TLSSRTPZRTPUnknownVideo, IM, STUN, IPv6 (disables IPv4 support when enabled, P2P supported only by version 3.5.1-2)3.11.1; March 10, 2017; 15 months ago
MessagesmacOSProprietaryFree, only MacOS and iOSSIP AIM ICQXMPPH263H264UnknownUnknownIntegrated, PBX independent7.0; July 25, 2012; 5 years ago
MicroSIPWindowsGPLFreeSIPSTUNICESIMPLESpeexiLBCGSMG.711G.722G.729SILKLinear PCMTLSSRTPUnknownVideo, voice, IM and Presence3.18.3 March 2018; 3 months ago
Mirial Softphone (Mirial s.u.r.l.)Windows 2000-XP-2003-Vista-7 (including 64-bit versions), macOS (x86)Proprietarynot freeSIPRTSPH.323DTLS-SRTPUnknownH.264 Full-HD 1080p video rx/tx, Two independent lines supporting Call Control and 3-Party videoconference in Continuous Presence, G.722.1/C wideband audio, Call recording/export, DV/HDMI/Component capture, Presentation (H.239, RFC-4796), Encryption, Far End Camera Control, GPU accel (D3D and OpenGL)7.0.24; May 26, 2010; 8 years ago, discontinued
MumbleLinuxmacOSiOSWindowsAndroidNew BSD licenseFreeICECELTSpeexOpusTLS and OCB-AES128No max (limited only by server bandwidth and memory)Chat with (limited) embedded HTML, Automatic Gain Control, very low latencyAccess Control Lists for user management, Customizable In-Game Overlay for OpenGL and DirectX, Directional Audio, Plugin Support, Nested Channels, Echo cancellation for headset free use, Global Public Server List, Logitech G15 support, Push-To-Talk and Voice-Activation1.2.19; January 27, 2017; 16 months ago
NymgoWindowsAndroidiOSProprietaryFreeSIPRTP and RTCPUnknownYesNoAddress Book integration, Call recording/export, Mute, On Hold, Caller ID definition4.2.9; March 2013; 5 years ago
oovoomacOSiOSWindowsAndroidProprietaryFreeSIPRTP and RTCPUnknownYes12Address Book integration, Call recording/export, Mute, On Hold, Caller ID definition4.2.9; March 2013; 5 years ago
PhonerWindowsProprietaryFreeSIPTAPICAPIG.711aG.711uG.722G.726G.729GSMiLBCspeexOpusTLSSRTPZRTP8Conferencing, call redirection, call recording3.20 (13 April 2018; 2 months ago) [±][17]
PhonerLiteWindowsProprietaryFreeSIPG.711aG.711uG.722G.726G.729GSMiLBCspeexOpusTLSSRTPZRTP8Conferencing, call redirection, call recording2.64 (21 June 2018; 8 days ago) [±][18]
QuteComLinuxmacOSWindows XP-2000GPLFreeSIPG.711G.729iLBCAMR-NBG.722, Speex, AMR-WB(G.722.2), H.263H.263+H.264Dirac[19]SRTP, but key exchange via Everbee key Exchange which is not a StandardUnknownVideo, IM (MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, XMPPGoogle Talk), voicemail, wengo to phone, conferencing.2.2.1 (22 June 2011; 7 years ago[20]) [±]
RingLinuxmacOSWindowsAndroid (all beta)GPL3FreeSIPRTPIAX2STUNper account, SRVDHTP2PAudio: OpusSpeexG.722G.711GSMVP8G.729iLBC. Video: H.264H.263VP8MPEG-4Voice encryption (SRTP with SDES or ZRTP) and signaling encryption (TLS), multiple realms authentication mechanismNo limitBlockchain ID-management, Gnome-KDE client, address book, multiple accounts, unlimited call number, call transfer, call hold-unhold, call recording, multi-way conferencing1.0; July 21, 2017; 11 months ago
Roger Wilco GameSpyWindowsProprietary?Proprietary????2001; 17 years ago
SkypeLinux(with limited functionality),[21]macOSWindows 2000-XP-Vista-7-Mobile(unsupported), BREWWindows Phone , AndroidiPhonePSPProprietaryFreeProprietary P2P protocol [a]SILKTLS25 starting with version 10 with 2.xConferencing, video, file transfer, voicemail, Skype to phone, phone to Skype, additional P2P extensions (games, whiteboard, etc...); depending on platform.
WindowsUWP12.1813.286.0 / 22 March 2018; 3 months ago[22]
Windows, desktop8.22.0.2 / 21 May 2018; 39 days ago[23][24]
macOS8.22.0.2 / 21 May 2018; 39 days ago[23][24]
Linux8.22.0.2 / 21 May 2018; 39 days ago[25][24]
Android 6 and later8.22.0.2 / 21 May 2018; 39 days ago[26][27]
iOS & watchOS8.22.0.7 / 21 May 2018; 39 days ago[28][27]
TeamSpeakLinuxWindowsmacOSFreeBSDAndroidiOSProprietaryFreeUnknownCELTSpeexOpus[29]Yes32 unlicensed, 512 with non-profit license, 2000Simultaneous server conferencing with tabs, 3D sound effects, scalable permissions system, firewall friendly file transfers, in-game overlay for DirectX & OpenGL games, global public server list, plugin system3.1.8
TeamTalkLinuxWindowsmacOSAndroidiOSRaspbianProprietaryFreeProprietaryOpusSpeexWebMNo1000Video, file sharing, desktop sharing, stream media files (MP3AVI)5.1.3; May 2016; 2 years ago
TeamViewerLinuxWindowsmacOS, iOS, Android[30]ProprietaryFree (personal use only)UnknownUnknownAES256UnknownUnknown
Windows(desktop app)13.1.3629 / April 4, 2018; 2 months ago[31]
macOS13.1.2991 / March 21, 2018; 3 months ago[32]
Linux13.1.8286 / May 30, 2018; 30 days ago[33]
Android13.0.8183 / December 21, 2017; 6 months ago[34]
iOS13.0.89402 / November 28, 2017; 6 months ago[35]
Windows(UWP app)[36]
BlackBerry OS12.0.0.6394 / February 1, 2017; 16 months ago[37]
Chrome OS13.0.281 / October 30, 2017; 7 months ago[38]
TelephonemacOS 10.10.2BSDFreeSIPSTUNICEUnknownNoUnknownAddress Book integration1.1.4; March 6, 2012; 6 years ago
Toktumi Unlimited, Line2ProWindows XP-Vista-7, macOSiOSAndroidProprietaryFreeProprietary with SIP coreUnknownUnknown20Conferencing, voicemail, caller ID, call-waiting, address book integration; auto-attendant, call-forwardingWindows; August 2010; 7 years ago; macOS; October 2010; 7 years ago
ToxLinuxmacOSWindowsAndroidFreeBSDGPLFreeToxVP8Opus,NaClUnknownVoice, video, instant messaging, file transfersUnknown
Tru AppWindows 2000-XP-Vista-7, macOSLinux
iOSAndroidSymbianBlackBerry OS,
ProprietaryFreeSIPXMPPUnknownUnknownUnknownChat, file transfer, voicemail, inbound numbers, integration with GTalk, Microsoft Live, Skype 
TuentiAndroidiPhoneWindows PhoneProprietaryFreeWebRTCSIPXMPPiLBCOpusYes?Voice, video, Instant messaging, group chat, photo and video sharing, SMS and MMS, native and social network contacts integration, incoming call/IM push notifications. 
TwinkleLinuxGPLFreeSIPG.711 A-law μ-law, G.726GSMiLBCSpeex narrow wide ultrawideSRTPZRTP3Conferencing, chat, file transfer, Firefox integration, call redirection, voicemail, support of VoIP-to-Phone services1.10.0 (July 15, 2016; 23 months ago) [±]
VentrilomacOSWindowsiOSAndroidProprietaryFreeUnknownUnknownNo8Conferencing, chat, text-to-speech3.0.8
ViberLinux,[b]macOS,[b]Windows,[b]AndroidBadaBlackBerry OSiOSSeries 40SymbianWindows PhoneProprietary?UnknownUnknownYes[41]UnknownVaries by platform: Text, picture and video messaging on all, voice calling only on iPhone, Android and Microsoft's Windows Phone
  • Android: (April 26, 2018; 2 months ago[42]) [±]
  • iOS:
    8.7.1 (April 21, 2018; 2 months ago[43]) [±]
  • Windows Mobile:
    6.6.1 (April 26, 2018; 2 months ago[44]) [±]
  • BlackBerry 10 OS: (April 23, 2014; 4 years ago[45]) [±]
Voice Operator PanelWindows 2000-XP-VistaProprietary?SIPRTPUnknownUnknownUnknownCall forwarding, call transfer, call recording, presence, Outlook integration, Windows Messenger-MSN-Live integration, CRM, built-in web browser, emailer, LDAP, APS.1.3.2
VykeiPhoneAndroidProprietaryFreeSIPUnknownTLSSRTPUnknownP2P calls, instant messaging, text messaging, incoming calls, incoming messaging, voicemail, international mobile phone numbers, push notifications, address book integration;iOS September 2016; 1 year ago; Android August 2016; 1 year ago
WireLinux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, WebGPLv3Free?Template:Opus (audio), VP8 (video)DTLSSRTP[46]10[47]End-to-end encryption by default for everything, instant messaging, video call, video group call, file sharing, GIF sharing, push to talk, edit message, delete message (on both side), timed messages, doodling, identity verification, screen sharing (desktop only)?
X-LitemacOSWindowsProprietaryFreeSIPSTUNICETURNH.263H.263+G.711iLBCSpeexNo3VoIP over WiFi, 3G, 4G, video, instant messaging, presence (SIP SIMPLE), call waiting, call hold, call forwarding, voice mail, message waiting indication, 3 way conferencing, contacts integration, background noise reduction (BNR), automatic gain control (AGC)Windows: 4.9.2, macOS: 4.9.2; December 2015; 2 years ago
Yahoo! MessengerClassic Mac OS(8, 9), macOSWindows, (LinuxFreeBSD version VoIP incapable)ProprietaryFreeSIP (using TLS) and RTP (media)UnknownUnknownUnknownVideo, file transfer, PC to phone, phone to PCWindows:; May 31, 2012; 6 years ago
Mac: 3.0.1; July 20, 2011; 6 years ago
Linux: 1.0.6; September 2003; 14 years ago
SunOS 5.7: 0.99.17-1; September 2003; 14 years ago
Solaris 8: 1.0.4; September 2003; 14 years ago
FreeBSD 4-5: 1.0.4; September 2003; 14 years ago
iOS: 2.2.6; July 12, 2012; 5 years ago
Yate ClientLinuxmacOSWindowsGPLFreeSIPIAXXMPPH.323G.711aG.711uGSM 06.10iLBCSpeexG.723G.726G.728G.729SRTP, maybe ZRTP?Unknown 4.3; January 2013; 5 years ago
ZfoneLinuxmacOSWindowsViewable sourceIncludes time bomb provisionSIPRTPUnknownSRTPZRTPUnknown Beta 2008-09-04 (Linux0.9.224), (macOS0.9.246), (Windows0.9.206)
  1. Jump up^ It is possible to connect by SIP to the Skype network via additional "Skype Connect" PBX software and alternative (SIP) client software/hardware. Neither the Skype software nor the Skype networksupports SIP directly[1]
  2. Jump up to:a b c Viber must be first installed on a mobile phone to function on a desktop operating system[39][40]

Discontinued softphone service[edit]

Mobile phones[edit]

For mobile VoIP clients:

ProgramOperating systemsLicenseOpen sourceProtocolsCodecsEncryptionOther abilitiesLatest release
Acrobits SoftphoneAndroid v2.2+, iOSv7.0+ProprietaryNoSIPG.711G.722iLBCGSMG.729TLSSRTPZRTPVOIP over Wi-Fi or 3G iOS only: push notifications, video, number rewriting, address book matching, sms for betamax providers and pennytelAcrobits Softphone: 3.20 (Android), 5.2 (iOS)
CSipSimpleAndroidGPLYesSIPOpusAMR-WBG.722iSACiLBCSpeexSilkCodec2G.726G711 (PCMA & PCMU)AMRGSMSRTP, SIP over TLS 1.0 and ZRTP?1.02.02
Google DuoiOS, AndroidProprietaryfreewareNoWebRTC??One-to-one voice and video calling.
Android29.0.187910126.DR29_RC10 / March 5, 2018; 3 months ago[48]
iOS29.0 / March 8, 2018; 3 months ago[49]
iCallMobileiOS v4.3+ProprietaryfreewareNoSIP AIM ICQXMPP, Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows LiveSpeexCELTWebMTLSZRTPVoIP over Wi-Fi or 3G, SMS, voicemail2.0.1; April 2012; 6 years ago
JajahMobile WebSymbian, Windows Mobile (version unknown)ProprietaryNo???web based service, Call back,no download[50]?
JusTex by JuphoonAndroid, iOS v5.1+ProprietaryNoSIPPCMAPCMUG.722iLBCiSACOpusH.264VP8H.263TLSTCP, UDP, SRTPJusTex Softphone over Wi-Fi or 3G, HD voice and video call, Multiparty call, conference.3.0.1 (iOS); July 13, 2014; 3 years ago; 3.0 (Android); July 9, 2014; 3 years ago
LineAndroid, iOSProprietaryNo???? 
Line2Android, iOSProprietaryfreewareNoProprietary with SIPcore??Tri-mode calling (cellular, 3G/4G data, Wi-Fi), SMS over IP, visual voicemail, 20-person conference calls, auto-attendant, call-forwarding1.0.4 Android, 3.2.1 iOS
Media5-foneiOS, AndroidProprietaryNoSIPPCMAPCMUG.722*, iLBCiSAC*, G.729*TLS*, SRTP*Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data, second call*, conference calls*, HD Voice, Bluetooth* (* Additional fees)?
Signal by Open Whisper SystemsiOS, AndroidGPLv3YesWebRTC[51]Opus[51]TLSSignal Protocol[51]End-to-end encryption by default for everything. CallKit and location privacy,[52] one-to-one and group messaging, video calling,[52]image/video sharing, timed messages, identity verification, screenshot blocking. Android only: SMS/MMS messaging, doodling,[53] GIF sharing.[54]Android 4.19.3 (May 3, 2018; 57 days ago[55]) [±]

iOS 2.25.3 (June 8, 2018; 21 days ago[56]) [±]
Desktop 1.12.1 (June 14, 2018; 15 days ago[57]) [±]

SipdroidAndroidGPLYesSIP??Uses Wi-Fi3G or EDGE2.7
Tango by TangoME Inc.iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Windows PhoneProprietaryfreeware????VoIP, Wi-Fi out & in, SMS over IP, call-through & call-back, instant messaging, videoconferencing?
TruphoneNokia-Symbian, iOS, Android, BlackBerryProprietaryfreewareNoSIP??VoIP, Wi-Fi out & in, SMS over IP, call-through & call-back, connection management, provisioningSymbian 4.0, iOS 1.11.1
VopiumSymbian, Java ME, Android, BlackBerry RIM, iOS, Windows Mobile 2003 SE and higherProprietaryfreewareNoSIP, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Google Talk, Facebook & TwitterGSM?Wi-Fi VoIP, GSM call-through, SMS over IP, least cost routing, synchronising-backup mobile contacts and calendar2.0

Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone

ProprietaryfreewareNo??ECDHSRTP[58]VoIP and instant messaging over Wi-Fi or a data connection.
iOS2.18.11 / January 11, 2018; 5 months ago[59]
Android2.17.427 / November 29, 2017; 6 months ago[60]
Windows Phone 8, Windows 10 Mobile2.18.52[61]
BlackBerry2.17.2 / June 26, 2016; 2 years ago[63]
Windows Mobile 6Windows Mobile 6 Professional/StandardProprietaryNoSIP to publicly and non-publicly routable servers??Wi-Fi Mobile VoIP6.1
X-PRO for Pocket PCWindows Mobile 2003 (earlier versions support Windows PocketPC 2002)Proprietary, discontinued in April 2007[64]NoSIP??Supported devices: AudioVox Maestro, Compaq/HP iPAQ: 365x, 37xx, 385x, 395x, hx4700, Dell Axim X51, X51v, Toshiba e550, e570. iPAQ 545x and Toshiba e7xx are not supported.[65]2.2
YuilopAndroidiOSWindows PhoneBlackBerry OSProprietaryfreewareNoXMPPRTPiLBCTLSVoIP over 3G-4G-LTE and Wi-fi, SMS, group chat, photo sharing, Location sharing, virtual phone numbersiOS 2.4 (November 26, 2014; 3 years ago[66]) [±]

Android 2.0.2 (February 12, 2014; 4 years ago) [±]
Windows Phone 7.x (September 12, 2013; 4 years ago) [±]
Windows Phone 8.x (September 18, 2013; 4 years ago) [±]
BlackBerry OS 1.0.1 (May 31, 2013; 5 years ago) [±]
Kindle Fire 2.0 (December 19, 2013; 4 years ago[67]) [±]

Frameworks and libraries[edit]

ProgramOperating systemsLicenseProtocols, based on, compatible withEncryptionOther abilitiesKey and target marketsLatest release
TapiocaLinuxGPLTelepathy (software)No  0.3.9; June 12, 2006; 12 years ago
TelepathyFarstreamLinuxmacOSWindowsLGPLSIP, XMPP (Jingle), ICE(STUN/TURN), UPnPNoMulti-user A/V conferencing, IM, collaborative applicationsMobile devices (Maemo, Meego), Linux desktop or embeddedspec 0.27.2; September 24, 2013; 4 years ago
OPALWindowsLinux (including embedded variants), macOSMPLSIP, H.323, IAX2, CAPI, VXMLUnknownMulti-user A/V conferencing, IM, IVRSoftphones, softswitches, telephony application servers3.14.3; October 10, 2014; 3 years ago
GNU oSIPLinuxWindowsmacOSAndroidiPhoneBlackBerryLGPLSIP, SDPUnknownMulti-user A/V conferencing, IM, IVRSoftphones, embedded and mobile devices, telephony application servers4.1.0; December 18, 2013; 4 years ago

Server software[edit]

ProgramOperating systemsLicenseProtocols, based on, compatible withEncryptionOther abilitiesKey and target marketsLatest release
3CX Phone SystemWindows, LinuxProprietarySIPTLSSRTPVoice and video IP telephony and conferencing, voice mail and instant messaging< 50,000 users15.5 ; June 7, 2017; 12 months ago
AS5300LinuxWindowsServer 2003ProprietarySIPUNIStim, MLPPSSLTLS,


Voice and Video IP telephony, Voice and Video conferencing, voice mail and instant messaging1,000 - 25,000 users1.0; January 2008; 10 years ago
AskoziaPBXno additional OS required (Linuxbased)GPLOpen coreSIPH.323IAXSCCPNoISDN, analog, VoicemailConferencingMOHACDIVRCall forwardingCall recordingSMEs up to 50 users2.2.2; December 2012; 5 years ago
Asterisk PBXLinuxBSDmacOSSolarisMixed: GPLProprietary[68]SIPH.323IAXMGCP, VOFR, XMPPGoogle Talk, TDMTLSSRTPVoIP Gateway, voicemail, basic accounting (can be expanded by interface with ODBC-compliant database), billing, conferencing, hot-desking, IVR trees with conditional logic, call queuing, automated call distributionEnthusiasts, developers, enterprise users (capacity dependent on server design, scalable across multiple servers)15.4.1 (11 June 2018; 18 days ago[69]) [±]

13.21.1 (11 June 2018; 18 days ago[70]) [±]

Brekeke SIP ServerLinuxWindowsProprietarySIPTLSSRTPSIP Registrar, SIP ProxySIP Service Providers, VoIP service providers, Healthcare, Security3.8.3.4; February 2, 2018; 4 months ago
Brekeke PBXLinuxWindowsProprietarySIPTLSSRTPVoice and Video IP telephony, Voice and Video conferencing, and voice mailHosted service providers, Mid-large enterprise3.8.4.4; April 18, 2018; 2 months ago
CallMax SoftswitchLinuxProprietarySIPH.323SSLTLSHTTPSIntegrated billingIP PBX Platform, Calling card platform, Callshop module, Customer Web Portal, Retail SMS Platform.SIP Service Providers, Residential & Business VoIP providers, Corporate Clients, Other Class 5 softswitch users3.6; October 2015; 2 years ago
CommuniGate ProLinuxBSDmacOSWindowsSolarisHPUXAIXProprietarySIPXIMSS ProtocolXMPPWebRTCSSLTLSSRTPSIP Registrar/Proxy, Authentication, DiameterRADIUSENUM, many othersCarriersenterprisesMNOsISPsSaaS providers6.1.11; June 2016; 2 years ago
Dial-Gate Softswitch PBXLinuxWindowsProprietarySIPTLSSRTPBilling server, real-time account and line monitoring, web-based user interfaceSoftswitch users, service providers4.3; June 2014; 4 years ago
Dial-Office IP-PBXLinuxWindowsProprietarySIPTLSSRTPUnified Communications, Conferencing, remote worker support and voice mailSmall businesses, Mid-large enterprises4.1; December 2013; 4 years ago
ElastixLinuxGPLSIPIAXH323XMPPTLSSRTPUnified communication server that also supports chat, mail and fax.Capacity dependent on server design, scalable across multiple servers2.5.0 (stable), 3.0.0 (stable), 4.0.0 (stable); February 10, 2016; 2 years ago
FreeSWITCHLinuxBSDmacOSSolarisWindowsMozilla Public LicenseSIPNAT-PMPSTUNSIMPLEXMPPGoogle Talk(Jingle), IAXH.323MRCPRSSSkypeTLSSRTPZRTPRecording, Voicemail, Conferencing, RADIUSENUM, IM Proxy, Streaming, Media gateway, Soft-PBX, IVR (modular)Large soft-switch users, home PBXusers, softphone users1.6.20 (January 23, 2018; 5 months ago) [±]
FreePBXLinuxBSDSolarisGPLSIPIAXH323XMPPTLSSRTPComplete PABX Service, based on Asterisk and PHP 5.3; provides a full replacement for a legacy non-VoIP phone system; under current and active developmentScales from Raspberry PI (3 users) to multiple parallel clusters (10K+ simultaneous calls)12.0; October 2014; 3 years ago
GNU GatekeeperLinuxFreeBSDmacOSWindowsXP-2000-Vista-7GPLH.323H.235H.460.18 firewall traversal, routing, accountingvideo conferencing, VoIP carriers large and small3.7; August 15, 2014; 3 years ago
HERO Hosted PBXLinuxWindowsProprietarySIPTLSSRTPUnified Communications, billing server, cloud-based management and web interfaceMid-large enterprises, VoIP carriers and service providers, telecom operators4.3; December 2013; 4 years ago
Kerio OperatorLinuxVMProprietarySIPSSLTLSSRTPintegrated firewall, Auto attendant, Call queues, Conference calling, Call forwarding, pickup, parking, recording, Click to Call, Video calling, Fax support, Paging, and CRM integration, Voicemail to email, complementary desktop Softphone appSME2.5.2; November 15, 2016; 19 months ago
MediaCore SBCLinuxProprietaryH.323SIPSMPPSSLTLSHTTPSDynamic routing mechanism including LCR, Jurisdictional routing support, A-number based routing for EU-based providers), integrated billing, SIP-H.323 protocol converter, Transcoding - codec converter module, Guardian - revenue assurance module, SBC functionality, full and media proxy, Carrier SMS supportTransit VoIP services providers, VoIP wholesale carriers, VoIP termination providers, SMS carriers4.6.1; May 2017; 1 year ago
MurmurLinuxBSDmacOSWindowsBSDGPLCELTSpeexOpusTLSChat with (limited) embedded HTML, ACLs for user management, Customizable In-Game Overlay, Directional Audio, Plugin Support, Nested ChannelsIndividuals to Small and medium enterprise (25-5000 users)1.2.17; September 24, 2016; 20 months ago
MysipswitchLinuxBSDSIPAjaxSSLSIP proxy server which allows the use of multiple SIP accounts with a single SIP loginIndividualsAugust 2007; 10 years ago
ObjectworldUC ServerWindowsXP-2003-2008ProprietarySIPNoIP PBX, personal assistants, IVR, automated phone provisioning, fax server, unified messaging, Outlook, Exchange and Lotus Domino-Notes integration, conferencing, outbound dialingSmall and medium enterprise (25-2000 users)4.4.2; May 2009; 9 years ago
Kamailio, OpenSIPS(formerly named OpenSER)LinuxBSDSolarisGPLSIPXMPPTLSSRTPSIP registrar-proxy, authentication, DiameterRADIUSENUM, least-cost-routing, many othersSIP Service Providers4.0.1 (25 April 2013; 5 years ago)[±]
PbxnsipLinuxBSDmacOSWindowsProprietarySIPSRTPIP PBX, presence indication, IVR, automated phone provisioning, fax server, unified messaging, Outlook, Exchange integration, conferencing, outbound dialingSmall and medium enterprise (25-256 users); April 2009; 9 years ago
SIP Express Router (SER)LinuxBSDSolarisGPLSIPNoSIP Registrar/Proxy, Authentication, DiameterRADIUSENUM, many othersSIP Service Providers2.0.0 Ottendorf
sipXecs IP PBXLinuxAGPLNative SIP call control, XMPPTLSSRTPFull redundancy (HA), instant messaging, voicemail, user portal, admin GUI, plug & play management including phones and gateways, fully featuredEnterprises between 10 and 10,000 users, multi-site14.04.2; July 2014; 3 years ago
vzRoomWindowsProprietarySIPSSLTLSAESInstant messaging-chat, VoIP, video, sharing (desktop, video, file), whiteboard, scheduler, recordingIndividual to small and medium enterprise (2-1,000 users); November 2010; 7 years ago
YateBSDLinuxmacOSWindowsGPLSIPIAXH.323ISDNXMPP(Jabber), Jingle (Google Talk), MGCPSS7 over IP, Cisco SLT (Signalling Link Transport) (SS7 MTP2 backhaul over IP), SCTPSCCPTCAPMAP CAMELSSLTLSSRTPVoice, video, file transfer, data, H323 to SIP signalling proxy, instant messaging, IVR, PC2Phone and Phone2PC gateway, SCCP — GTT routing between networks, Secure Unified Communications, SIP registrar-proxy, SIP SBC (session border controller), USSD, voicemail, VoIP, VoIP to PSTN gateway, conference server (max 200 voice channels per conference), call centre server, prepaid and postpaid cardsDeployed on home servers and large networks with millions of users5.5; May 2015; 3 years ago

Secure VoIP software[edit]

VoIP software with client-to-client encryption[edit]

The following table is an overview of those VoIP clients which provide end-to-end encryption.

Client nameDevelopment statusOpen sourceclientEnd-to-end authentication[a]Encryption protocolsForward secrecyMultiple encryptionEncrypted group callingProxyTor
Google DuoActiveNoNo??????NoNo
PGPfoneAbandonwareViewable source[74]Yes????????
Silent PhoneActiveViewable source[76]Yes[71]Yes??YesYes[71]YesYesNo
ZfoneAbandonwareViewable source[82]YesYesOptional[83]?Yes[84]YesYes??

VoIP software with client-to-server encryption[edit]

The following table is an overview of those VoIP clients which provide client-to-server encryption.

Client nameEncryption protocols
Google Hangouts[71]SRTP[85]
Skype[71]A custom protocol
  1. Jump up^ End-to-end authentication protects communications from man-in-the-middle attacks by the service provider.
  2. Jump up to:a b Only if the user has registered with a compatible SIP provider. Some SIP providers do not support certain encryption protocols.
  3. Jump up to:a b Only the encryption related source code is open.
  4. Jump up^ Only on the network connection, not on the end-to-end layer.

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C语言是一种广泛使用的编程语言,它具有高效、灵活、可移植性强等特点,被广泛应用于操作系统、嵌入式系统、数据库、编译器等领域的开发。C语言的基本语法包括变量、数据类型、运算符、控制结构(如if语句、循环语句等)、函数、指针等。下面详细介绍C语言的基本概念和语法。 1. 变量和数据类型 在C语言中,变量用于存储数据,数据类型用于定义变量的类型和范围。C语言支持多种数据类型,包括基本数据类型(如int、float、char等)和复合数据类型(如结构体、联合等)。 2. 运算符 C语言中常用的运算符包括算术运算符(如+、、、/等)、关系运算符(如==、!=、、=、<、<=等)、逻辑运算符(如&&、||、!等)。此外,还有位运算符(如&、|、^等)和指针运算符(如、等)。 3. 控制结构 C语言中常用的控制结构包括if语句、循环语句(如for、while等)和switch语句。通过这些控制结构,可以实现程序的分支、循环和多路选择等功能。 4. 函数 函数是C语言中用于封装代码的单元,可以实现代码的复用和模块化。C语言中定义函数使用关键字“void”或返回值类型(如int、float等),并通过“{”和“}”括起来的代码块来实现函数的功能。 5. 指针 指针是C语言中用于存储变量地址的变量。通过指针,可以实现对内存的间接访问和修改。C语言中定义指针使用星号()符号,指向数组、字符串和结构体等数据结构时,还需要注意数组名和字符串常量的特殊性质。 6. 数组和字符串 数组是C语言中用于存储同类型数据的结构,可以通过索引访问和修改数组中的元素。字符串是C语言中用于存储文本数据的特殊类型,通常以字符串常量的形式出现,用双引号("...")括起来,末尾自动添加'\0'字符。 7. 结构体和联合 结构体和联合是C语言中用于存储不同类型数据的复合数据类型。结构体由多个成员组成,每个成员可以是不同的数据类型;联合由多个变量组成,它们共用同一块内存空间。通过结构体和联合,可以实现数据的封装和抽象。 8. 文件操作 C语言中通过文件操作函数(如fopen、fclose、fread、fwrite等)实现对文件的读写操作。文件操作函数通常返回文件指针,用于表示打开的文件。通过文件指针,可以进行文件的定位、读写等操作。 总之,C语言是一种功能强大、灵活高效的编程语言,广泛应用于各种领域。掌握C语言的基本语法和数据结构,可以为编程学习和实践打下坚实的基础。


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