—-.NET Resources
A paper on resources and how they can be extracted from assemblies
file structure a simple illustration for .NET PE File structure
—CodeVeil Manual
Unpacking Unpacking CodeVeil 1.3 dotNet protector with WinHex
—-Advanced Decoding
Extracting encrypted strings from an assembly protected with SmartAssembly protector
—-SmartAssembly Patching
Removing time limit from assemblies protected with SmartAssembly
—-SmartAssembly Patching Advanced
Removing time limit from assemblies protected with SmartAssembly using a Seek and Destroy patcher.
—-Cracking .NET
software Using Reflector and Ildasm to Crack WinXP Manager 5.1.2
—-Cracking Visual Studio Components #2
Removing a nag screen from managed DLLs.
—Byte by Byte
An in depth tutor that requires some PE file structure knowledge, It shows how you can rebuild 
assemblies protected with codeveil 1.2 protector from a memory dump.
—-Memory Optimization
How to implement memory optimization class in your .NET code to save memory and enhance 
—Tools & OPCodes
First tutor in the .NET reversing Tips series, It will give you a basic introduction into .NET platform 
and how to reverse the managed code.
—Cracking Visual Studio
Components #1 Removing protection from managed DLLs.
—-Entry Point Method
The second tutor in .NET reversing Tips series, It discusses the first steps in reversing managed 
—Introduction to .NET
cracking A comparison between native and managed code reversing methods and tools.
—.NET Basic Patching
The third tutor in .NET reversing Tips series, an introduction to patching in managed code.
— .NET CrackME #1
An introductory tutor that shows you in steps how to reverse a simple CrackME.
—Cracking Photo sorter
A Packed dotNET application. This is a new tutor on cracking a packed .NET application. I hope it’s 
A video tutor that shows in steps how to remove a nag string protection from a visual studio 
component, It explains patching using WinHex and Ildasm.
—Cracking Rebex.FTP Components
This is a new tutor on cracking managed DLLs
—-dotNET Tracer patching 

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