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NSIS v2.17 by NSIS team

  • Fixed a bug that corrupted $TEMP under Windows 9x and NT and caused InitPluginsDir to fail (bug #1412159)
  • Fixed a possible buffer overflow caused by long values of $0, when using large NSIS_MAX_STRLEN builds (above 4096)

Nullsoft Installation System is a pretty small, efficient, capable installation system for win32.

  • Generates self contained, win32 executable installer.
  • Uninstall support (installer can automagically generate an uninstaller)
  • Optional installer self-verification (using adler32)
  • Robust, efficient zlib-based compression
  • Approximately 32k overhead over compressed data size
  • Support for external EXE packers to pack the header
  • Display license agreement, custom configurations, directory/registry, ...
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