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dUP v2.13 Final by diablo2oo2

dUP v2.13 Final

Version History
-fixed serious bug in search & replace loader
-fixed bug: dup2 did not saved window positions in dup2.ini
-fixed bug when building patcher/loader with skipped (empty) data
-add copy & paste functions
-add button for last used projects
-fileexport function can create missing folders now
-registry patch window is resizeable now
-fixed bug when pasting long binary data from ollydbg
-improved edit function for s&r and offset data
-add some keyboard shortcuts
-add unicode function in String2Hex Window
-fixed bug when saving projects
-improved loader timeout
-add new messagebox in patcher when file is in use
-updated ufmod player for the patcher
-minor code changes and bugfixes
-compiled with new masm version 9.0
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DUP 1.8 final

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CDRTools v2.13 (反检测盗版插件)

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