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Easy Code v1.00.0.0041 by Ramon Sala

  • Bugfix: When changing the 'Name' property of a Window object, Easy Code could crash.

Easy Code is the new visual programming environment made to build 32-bit Windows applications. To compile and link the projects designed on its IDE, Easy Code uses MASM32, a complete programming tools package including the Microsoft Macro Assembler. The Easy Code interface, looking like Visual Basic, allows you to program a Windows assembler application in a quick and easy way as never possible before. Download and test this application which is distributed with a setup program and includes the source code of a nice CD player, a complete and fast text editor in a dll file (to be able to program your own editor), a complete and excellent text editor (GeneSys) ready to use, a file shredder, a MIDI player and many other applications.



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Easy Code Scanner_2.3_4.x.unitypackage

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