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Thinstall Virtualization Suite

Finally - easy application virtualization for IT

COMING SOON: The Thinstall Virtualization Suite (Thinstall VS) for IT makes packaging deploying popular business applications easy and integrates with current software distribution products.

Feature Overview

Thinstall's new product for Corporate IT is targeted for launch in Summer 2006. A preview of the features include:

  • Easy to use Wizard driven GUI
  • Setup Capture for automated package creation
  • Package popular applications such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop in minutes
  • Isolation technology prevents modifications to host PC
  • Deployment options via network execution or USB flash
  • Dynamic registry data remapping allows applications to be easily moved from PC to PC
  • No special servers to install, instantly stream applications directly from a network share
  • No client software to install; zero footprint on client PCs
  • No drivers or elevated security privileges required, runs completely in user mode
  • No emulation or translation, CPU intensive applications execute at full speed
  • No special package editing software to learn
  • Very fast, runs MS Word 2003 from a network share on a new PC in seconds             
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