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SQL Prompt™

SQL Prompt box shot

SQL Prompt™

Intellisense for SQL Server, plus other features

  • Code completion for fast, accurate script building
  • Discoverability in SQL Server query creation
  • Keyword formatting, code snippet integration other extended features
  • FREE until 1st September 2006
  • No time-bombs, no restrictions


Intellisense for SQL Server

SQL Prompt provides Intellisense® style auto-completion for Microsoft SQL Server editors. It will tell you the exact formatting you should use for your SQL commands, while you are writing them and will therefore help you write fast, perfectly formatted SQL statements. SQL Prompt improves the productivity of all SQL script creation. SQL Prompt can be downloaded free until 1st September 2006 and we are providing forum support on the SQL Prompt support forum. A web help file is also available.

SQL Prompt simply sits behind the scenes and provides unobtrusive help when you press Ctrl-Space or when you type "." after a table/view/alias name.

Features include :

  • Table/View name completion
  • Column name completion
  • Stored procedure name completion
  • USE completion
  • JOIN/JOIN ON completion
  • Auto-uppercasing of keywords
  • Auto-popup after keywords

SQL Prompt works with Microsoft Query Analyzer, SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2003, SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager, UltraEdit32. Please note that Intellisense is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation, we have a dedicated web page describing Red Gate's relationship with Microsoft.


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