codeforces Polycarp at the Radio

Polycarp is a music editor at the radio station. He received a playlist for tomorrow, that can be represented as a sequence a1, a2, …, an, where ai i...

2017-04-30 21:31:17

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codeforces 474D flowers 普通计数dp

We saw the little game Marmot made for Mole’s lunch. Now it’s Marmot’s dinner time and, as we all know, Marmot eats flowers. At every dinner he eats ...

2017-04-30 11:32:24

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zoj 3778 Talented Chef (思维)

As we all know, Coach Gao is a talented chef, because he is able to cook M dishes in the same time. Tonight he is going to have a hearty dinner with ...

2017-04-30 11:25:33

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codeforces 698A Vacations 基础dp

Vasya has n days of vacations! So he decided to improve his IT skills and do sport. Vasya knows the following information about each of this n days: ...

2017-04-30 11:19:13

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codeforces 559B Equivalent Strings (最小表示法)

Today on a lecture about strings Gerald learned a new definition of string equivalency. Two strings a and b of equal length are called equivalent in ...

2017-04-30 11:13:24

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zoj 3785 打表找规律

It’s Saturday today, what day is it after 11 + 22 + 33 + … + NN days? 一看就是个周期 一开始没找到 后来发现是294 擦。无语#include <bits/stdc++.h> using namespace st...

2017-04-30 10:30:13

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codefroces 543A Writing Code dp优化 完全背包

Programmers working on a large project have just received a task to write exactly m lines of code. There are n programmers working on a project, the ...

2017-04-30 10:28:31

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uvalive 4764 Bing it 基础dp

I guess most of you played cards on the trip to Harbin, but I’m sure you have never played the following card game. This card game has N rounds and ...

2017-04-28 01:00:12

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poj 3254 Corn Field 状态压缩dp

Farmer John has purchased a lush new rectangular pasture composed of M by N (1 ≤ M ≤ 12; 1 ≤ N ≤ 12) square parcels. He wants to grow some yummy corn...

2017-04-27 11:23:40

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hdu 2089 不要62 数位dp入门

杭州人称那些傻乎乎粘嗒嗒的人为62(音:laoer)。 杭州交通管理局经常会扩充一些的士车牌照,新近出来一个好消息,以后上牌照,不再含有不吉利的数字了,这样一来,就可以消除个别的士司机和乘客的心理障碍,更安全地服务大众。 不吉利的数字为所有含有4或62的号码。例如: 62315 734...

2017-04-27 10:00:11

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poj 2378 树形dp求树的割点

After Farmer John realized that Bessie had installed a “tree-shaped” network among his N (1 <= N <= 10,000) barns at an incredible cost, he sue...

2017-04-27 09:56:11

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poj 2342 Anniversary party 树形dp入门

There is going to be a party to celebrate the 80-th Anniversary of the Ural State University. The University has a hierarchical structure of employee...

2017-04-27 09:46:24

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poj 1463 Strategic game (树形dp 守卫)

Bob enjoys playing computer games, especially strategic games, but sometimes he cannot find the solution fast enough and then he is very sad. Now he ...

2017-04-27 01:09:18

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codeforces 494B kmp+dp

Hamed has recently found a string t and suddenly became quite fond of it. He spent several days trying to find all occurrences of t in other strings ...

2017-04-27 01:04:49

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poj 1185 炮兵 状态压缩dp

司令部的将军们打算在N*M的网格地图上部署他们的炮兵部队。一个N*M的地图由N行M列组成,地图的每一格可能是山地(用”H” 表示),也可能是平原(用”P”表示),如下图。在每一格平原地形上最多可以布置一支炮兵部队(山地上不能够部署炮兵部队);一支炮兵部队在地图上的攻击范围如图中黑色区域所示: 如果...

2017-04-26 15:59:15

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普通的数字 输入 int getint(){ char c = getchar(); int t = 0; while (c < ‘0’ || c > ‘9’){ c = getchar(); } while (c...

2017-04-25 14:20:22

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codeforces Igor and his way to work

B. Igor and his way to work time limit per test3 seconds memory limit per test256 megabytes inputstandard input outputstandard output Woken up b...

2017-04-24 12:09:39

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uvalive 5026 字典树典型

All the big malls need a powerful system for the products retrieval. Now you are employed design a sub-system: reading the barcodes and return the m...

2017-04-24 00:45:39

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uvalive 5008 hdu 3717 double maze 四维bfs(好题)

A maze is made up of 6 6 cells. A cell can be either a hole or a square. Moreover, a cell may be surrounded by barriers. There is ONLY one start ce...

2017-04-21 08:55:39

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poj 2104 K-th Number (划分树模板题)

You are working for Macrohard company in data structures department. After failing your previous task about key insertion you were asked to write a n...

2017-04-20 00:24:14

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