google Fuchsia 操作系统

Fuchsia introduce

Fuchsia use the kernel called Magenta is designed to be able to run on any device, ranging from IOT, embedded devices, smartphones, tablets, to desktop and laptop.

The concept is similar to the direction of the development of Windows 10 at this time, where Microsoft makes Windows 10 can run on all kinds of devices with various screen sizes.

So if Fuchsia OS development is indeed a serious project from Google ( not just a side project ), it is not impossible in the future will serve as a competitor to Windows 10 OS.

github 地址:


推出Fuchsia 的原因有三个:

  • 统一各个平台(IOT,移动设备,PC)
  • 避免出现目前Android面临的碎片化的问题
  • 控制开发语言(使用自己的开发语言)