When using the webview, something that drives me crazy, specially if you are in a place with a very slow internet connection, is not knowing what is happening with the webpage, is it loading? Is it stuck? …. AAAhhhh Nothing is happening. Ok don’t desperate, I am going to show you how to add a progress bar to your Webview layout in you app. 
After you know what to do is easy (As always).





I’ve seen a multitude of posts on how to embed the Android WebView object and how to use the built-in feature request PROGRESS, but I’ve yet to come across a demonstration on just how simple it is to integrate a ProgressDialog object. I specifically needed this for one of my projects because I did not want the title bar to render in my application. If the title is not rendered, then the Window Feature Request progress bar and indeterminant functions will not render at all.



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