DO-178B的derived requirements

以下摘录自"Explicate ‘78: Uncovering the Implicit Assurance Case in DO–178C"(C. Michael Holloway):

Any new requirements that arise during software development must be passed
back to the system processes, including system safety processes, for analysis of
(among other things) potential safety implications. Such requirements were called
derived requirements in DO–178B; the term is retained in 178C. (This choice of
terminology has been a frequent source of confusion, because the phrase derived
requirements is not commonly used in the broader software engineering community.
When encountering the term for the first time, many people assume that it
means requirements derived from higher level requirements, as opposed to new
requirements that are explicitly not derived from higher level ones. Some members
of SC–205/WG–71 tried, but failed, to change the terminology.)