Ambiguous operators need parentheses -----------不明确的运算需要用括号括起 
Ambiguous symbol ''xxx'' ----------------不明确的符号 
Argument list syntax error ----------------参数表语法错误 
Array bounds missing ------------------丢失数组界限符 
Array size toolarge -----------------数组尺寸太大 
Bad character in paramenters ------------------参数中有不适当的字符 
Bad file name format in include directive --------------------包含命令中文件名格式不正确 
Bad ifdef directive synatax ------------------------------编译预处理ifdef有语法错 
Bad undef directive syntax ---------------------------编译预处理undef有语法错 
Bit field too large ----------------位字段太长 
Call of non-function -----------------调用未定义的函数 
Call to function with no prototype ---------------调用函数时没有函数的说明 
Cannot modify a const object ---------------不允许修改常量对象 
Case outside of switch ----------------漏掉了case 语句 
Case syntax error ------------------ Case 语法错误 
Code has no effect -----------------代码不可述不可能执行到 
Compound statement missing{ --------------------分程序漏掉"{" 
Conflicting type modifiers ------------------不明确的类型说明符 
Constant expression required ----------------要求常量表达式 
Constant out of range in comparison -----------------在比较中常量超出范围 
Conversion may lose significant digits -----------------转换时会丢失意义的数字 
Conversion of near pointer not allowed -----------------不允许转换近指针 
Could not find file ''xxx'' -----------------------找不到XXX文件 
Declaration missing ; ----------------说明缺少";" 
Declaration syntax error -----------------说明中出现语法错误 
Default outside of switch ------------------ Default 出现在switch语句之外 
Define directive needs an identifier ------------------定义编译预处理需要标识符 
Division by zero ------------------用零作除数 
Do statement must have while ------------------ Do-while语句中缺少while部分 
Enum syntax error ---------------------枚举类型语法错误 
Enumeration constant syntax error -----------------枚举常数语法错误 
Error directive :xxx ------------------------错误的编译预处理命令 
Error writing output file ---------------------写输出文件错误 
Expression syntax error -----------------------表达式语法错误 
Extra parameter in call ------------------------调用时出现多余错误 
File name too long ----------------文件名太长 
Function call missing -----------------函数调用缺少右括号 
Fuction definition out of place ------------------函数定义位置错误 
Fuction should return a value ------------------函数必需返回一个值 
Goto statement missing label ------------------ Goto语句没有标号 
Hexadecimal or octal constant too large ------------------16进制或8进制常数太大 
Illegal character ''x'' ------------------非法字符x 
Illegal initialization ------------------非法的初始化 
Illegal octal digit ------------------非法的8进制数字 
Illegal pointer subtraction ------------------非法的指针相减 
Illegal structure operation ------------------非法的结构体操作 
Illegal use of floating point -----------------非法的浮点运算 
Illegal use of pointer --------------------指针使用非法 
Improper use of a typedefsymbol ----------------类型定义符号使用不恰当 
In-line assembly not allowed -----------------不允许使用行间汇编 
Incompatible storage class -----------------存储类别不相容 
Incompatible type conversion --------------------不相容的类型转换 
Incorrect number format -----------------------错误的数据格式 
Incorrect use of default --------------------- Default使用不当 
Invalid indirection ---------------------无效的间接运算 
Invalid pointer addition ------------------指针相加无效 
Irreducible expression tree -----------------------无法执行的表达式运算 
Lvalue required ---------------------------需要逻辑值0或非0值 
Macro argument syntax error -------------------宏参数语法错误 
Macro expansion too long ----------------------宏的扩展以后太长 
Mismatched number of parameters in definition ---------------------定义中参数个数不匹配 
Misplaced break ---------------------此处不应出现break语句 
Misplaced continue ------------------------此处不应出现continue语句 
Misplaced decimal point --------------------此处不应出现小数点 
Misplaced elif directive --------------------不应编译预处理elif 
Misplaced else ----------------------此处不应出现else 
Misplaced else directive ------------------此处不应出现编译预处理else 
Misplaced endif directive -------------------此处不应出现编译预处理endif 
Must be addressable ----------------------必须是可以编址的 
Must take address of memory location ------------------必须存储定位的地址 
No declaration for function ''xxx'' -------------------没有函数xxx的说明 
No stack ---------------缺少堆栈 
No type information ------------------没有类型信息 
Non-portable pointer assignment --------------------不可移动的指针(地址常数)赋值 
Non-portable pointer comparison --------------------不可移动的指针(地址常数)比较 
Non-portable pointer conversion ----------------------不可移动的指针(地址常数)转换 
Not a valid expression format type ---------------------不合法的表达式格式 
Not an allowed type ---------------------不允许使用的类型 
Numeric constant too large -------------------数值常太大 
Out of memory -------------------内存不够用 
Parameter ''xxx'' is never used ------------------能数xxx没有用到 
Pointer required on left side of -> -----------------------符号->的左边必须是指针 
Possible use of ''xxx'' before definition -------------------在定义之前就使用了xxx(警告) 
Possibly incorrect assignment ----------------赋值可能不正确 
Redeclaration of ''xxx'' -------------------重复定义了xxx 
Redefinition of ''xxx'' is not identical ------------------- xxx的两次定义不一致 
Register allocation failure ------------------寄存器定址失败 
Repeat count needs an lvalue ------------------重复计数需要逻辑值 
Size of structure or array not known ------------------结构体或数给大小不确定 
Statement missing ; ------------------语句后缺少";" 
Structure or union syntax error --------------结构体或联合体语法错误 
Structure size too large ----------------结构体尺寸太大 
Sub scripting missing ] ----------------下标缺少右方括号 
Superfluous & with function or array ------------------函数或数组中有多余的"&" 
Suspicious pointer conversion ---------------------可疑的指针转换 
Symbol limit exceeded ---------------符号超限 
Too few parameters in call -----------------函数调用时的实参少于函数的参数不 
Too many default cases ------------------- Default太多(switch语句中一个) 
Too many error or warning messages --------------------错误或警告信息太多 
Too many type in declaration -----------------说明中类型太多 
Too much auto memory in function -----------------函数用到的局部存储太多 
Too much global data defined in file ------------------文件中全局数据太多 
Two consecutive dots -----------------两个连续的句点 
Type mismatch in parameter xxx ----------------参数xxx类型不匹配 
Type mismatch in redeclaration of ''xxx'' ---------------- xxx重定义的类型不匹配 
Unable to create output file ''xxx'' ----------------无法建立输出文件xxx 
Unable to open include file ''xxx'' ---------------无法打开被包含的文件xxx 
Unable to open input file ''xxx'' ----------------无法打开输入文件xxx 
Undefined label ''xxx'' -------------------没有定义的标号xxx 
Undefined structure ''xxx'' -----------------没有定义的结构xxx 
Undefined symbol ''xxx'' -----------------没有定义的符号xxx 
Unexpected end of file in comment started on line xxx ----------从xxx行开始的注解尚未结束文件不能结束 
Unexpected end of file in conditional started on line xxx ----从xxx 开始的条件语句尚未结束文件不能结束 
Unknown assemble instruction ----------------未知的汇编结构 
Unknown option ---------------未知的操作 
Unknown preprocessor directive: ''xxx'' -----------------不认识的预处理命令xxx 
Unreachable code ------------------无路可达的代码 
Unterminated string or character constant -----------------字符串缺少引号 
User break ----------------用户强行中断了程序 
Void functions may not return a value ----------------- Void类型的函数不应有返回值 
Wrong number of arguments -----------------调用函数的参数数目错 
''xxx'' not an argument ----------------- xxx不是参数 
''xxx'' not part of structure -------------------- xxx不是结构体的一部分 
xxx statement missing ( -------------------- xxx语句缺少左括号 
xxx statement missing ) ------------------ xxx语句缺少右括号 
xxx statement missing ; -------------------- xxx缺少分号 
xxx'' declared but never used -------------------说明了xxx但没有使用 
xxx'' is assigned a value which is never used ----------------------给xxx赋了值但未用过 
Zero length structure ------------------结构体的长度为零


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