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1.PSP and learn progress bar

1.PSP form

Personal Software Process StagesEstimated Time/minutesCompleted Time/minutes
Design Spec5050
Design Review2030
Coding Standard1010
Code ReviewPlanning4045
Test Report--
Size Measurement1010
Postmortem&Process Improvement120200

2.learn progress bar

Week NAdd code (line)Cumulative code (line)Study time (hours)Cumulative learning time (hours)Learning outcomes
11001001616This week we learned the development of wechat files, and the specific content of each file is what, and learned the basic knowledge of wechat small program development
23004002238This week we continued to learn how to use wechat developer tools to develop wechat small programs, as well as the basic UI interface design and some basic code implementation
35009002058This week, we conducted the final UI interface design and code improvement, and finally can better achieve the requirements of the experiment

2.Programme thinking

1.In this project, we need to design according to the rules of the pancake. First, we need six dice, which can be displayed randomly, and then the results in the rules can be matched according to the final results. The two are compared and the final results are presented to the users
2.For the design of multiplayer games, the user should first choose how many people to play the game, and then record the result in the background according to the final result displayed by each user in turn. After all the users have finished throwing the dice, the final result of all the users will be displayed.

3.Work Photo


4.Pair programming experience.

In this project, my partner and I cooperated to complete this task, in which I was mainly responsible for the interaction design of UI page and the search of various materials of background pictures. My partner in this task is mainly responsible for the code writing and function implementation. In this task, we feel more tacit understanding than the last work, which makes the experiment complete more intact. We believe that in the future tasks, we will cooperate more tacit understanding, so that the project will be more outstanding, and we will continue to learn and make progress.

5.Events that take a long time

1.It really took us a long time to write the code. First of all, we had no contact with the development of wechat small program before, so we knew nothing about the code in wechat small program. We had to learn from 0. We had to learn step by step to get our features implemented, and it really took us a long time
2.In the process of discussion, we had many differences. Because we all learned on the premise of zero basis, the content of our learning is naturally different for different learning resources, which inevitably led to great differences in the implementation of the code. Finally, we had to sit down and have a good discussion. It took us a long time to finally achieve the final code writing. At the same time, due to different aesthetics, we have different views on the design of UI interface. Finally, we jointly decided on a UI design that conforms to the atmosphere of Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, our UI design is simple and simple, not so complex.
3.In the process of reviewing the design, we found that there were always some small mistakes in the code for randomly rolling dice, so that we could not achieve the final function very well. Therefore, we consulted other students, and after they gave us some suggestions, we modified the code. We learned a lot from it, and learned about the writing of many new codes, which made us a new person.


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