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This, again, is borrowed From my google notes, save my first day!

Tip: Different binding on dev/staging/production
Add multiple binding files as resources and assign environment name. i.e. dev, sit, uat, prod

Tip: AutoGAC BizTalk assembly
Post build event “C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/SDK/v2.0/Bin/gacutil.exe” /i $(TargetPath)

Tip: BizTalk pipeline component GAC/Non-GAC
In general, the rule is when working with custom pipeline components on a development system put the components in the /Pipeline Components folder and put them in the GAC on non-development systems.

Tip: Complex conditions in xslt map
To use XSLT xsl:Choose

Tip: Evaluate date with cumulative max functoid
Use DateTime.Tick.ToString() as input feed 

Tip: To make BRE knows about static methods
Open registry, for LNKM->Microsoft->BusinessRules->3.0, add DWORD key StaticSupport, set value to 1

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