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Today,I approve the java first.

(1)How to layout java GUI.

a)Using panel for layout the java GUI.

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


b)Set Panel's layout to none.


No layout, or null, is a good choice when prototyping your design. Because null does not use a layout manager, you can place components exactly where you want them. However, because null uses absolute positioning of components instead of relative positioning, the UI will not resize properly when the user resizes the application window. Therefore, it's recommended that you never leave a container in null for deployment. Later in the tutorial, you'll switch to an appropriate portable layout for your design before deploying it. Note: The message pane appears only when a message is displayed. Therefore, you won't see the message pane yet if you are following these steps.


(2)Importation for install  Jbuilder X

Jbuilder X and other program have a error cursor problem and error code for Chinese, I try to this to solve the problem.

a)        Jbuilder X error cursor problem

Go to D:/JBuilderX/jdk1.4/jre/lib, bak this files and remove it:

Copy to

b)       Jbuilder can’t show Chinese

Delete all files in this direction: C:/Documents and Settings/user/.primetimeX




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