Conscription POJ - 3723(最小生成树)

Windy has a country, and he wants to build an army to protect his country. He has picked up N girls and M boys and wants to collect them to be his s...

2018-04-07 20:13:59

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2018年全国多校算法寒假训练营练习比赛(第五场):D 集合问题(并查集)

链接: 来源:牛客网 时间限制:C/C++ 1秒,其他语言2秒 空间限制:C/C++ 262144K,其他语言524288K 64bit IO Format: %lld 题目描述 ...

2018-02-27 17:32:08

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题目描述 Today is Ignatius' birthday. He invites a lot of friends. Now it's dinner time. Ignatius wants to know how many tables he needs at least. You h...

2018-01-09 21:39:10

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