The construction of enterprise computer network management information system

Enterprise computer network management information system(MIS) is gradually use, it is the stage sign of our country of production power development, is the comprehensive embodiment of modern business management. That establishing of MIS system will influence  our country's business enterprise management and brought deeply slice relate to importantly.This text manages with the applied both side of calculator network from the business enterprise how to establish the business enterprise calculator the network the management the information system to talk the superficial viewpoint.

First,The concept of  business enterprise calculator network management  information system and the modernization of  enterprise  management.

Enterprise is a complicate system, each link of whole system inside that activity constituted business enterprise that business enterprise is a complicacy of operate the production. In the operating business of  enterprise, the production inside pierce through two activity processes, one is  the Logistics, another is the flowing of information .The Logistics is the business enterprise's basic flow , its activity produce the dynamic information,and the  enterprise governor aim at these informations to make out the decision, then make policy the information to control the Logistics, and program to regulate the quantity of Logistics , direction, speed, target, make it according to the certain purpose with programming activity. That flowing of information  is a foundation of management and is  the appearance of management now,  that management information is the nerve center of enterprise, is a Life Line.This is more important in the calculator network information ages. The technique of computer network is synthesizing result of many courseses.such as the computer data handling, solid hour control, the object handle and communication, voice, resemble etc. The application of the technique of computer network then produced the  the modernization of enterprise management. The technique of computer network not only offer the whole informations which needed by  enterprise management, but also can still have the ability to make certain decision, control function, its scope is now continuously extend. According to the above analysis,we can think:The computer network management information system of the enterprise, is a kind of synthesize  management system which make use of the technique of modern computer network and enterprise management method to produce the target of enterprise management  systematically.

Second,the present condition of enterprise computer network management information system.

Our country's enterprise computer network management information system have already started for more than ten years, usage of it is not at balance,Large part of using MIS in many enterprise was just the few years of matter.Now be placed in the start and the applied of low level stage, there are its performance: 1、the single machine usage share the big part, its usage only be limited by to print the document report; 2、Computer it networks to be only form and network savvy poor to manage information already, The majority networks the implementation of single machine under the situation ; 3、Enterprise management decision control function still artificial craft, go on without the computer network; 4、The administrative staff of enterprises has insufficient understanding of MIS, not essential, become a mere formality; 5、So-called MIS that enterprise set up function , have benefit , even must repay and lose ; 6、Administrative staff's computer has scarce knowledge, can't use etc. normally. Enterprise use MIS is good thing, it goes wrong to be normal too primary stage, but how perfect and use MIS whether enterprise need problem that solve urgently really further.

    Third,the essential condition of  establishing the  MIS of enterprise

1、The good foundation of science management

The management of computer is a most essential condition, is an information to be figurization , normeration, standardization.So that the information can send into the computer to take into management.This will beg to have the foundation of good science management: (1) management work proceduration :Management work has its own regulation, according to these,we should establish the process of management work craft , and give out the flow chart.Drawing up the total flow chart of work of management of the enterprise of the science reasonable with the son flow chart, use the thought of the system engineering proceeds to resolve with moderate, make the flow chart better possibly; (2) the management business standardize:According to the management flow chart,we establish the profession standard of management, then make the business work to be duty system; (3) the report of document should be normerazated :the report of document in enterprise management  is numerous, and the format is different, extremely the mess, the report of document  must unified, normerzated.

2、the equipment of the profession personnel and administrative staff's second training

Because of the computer network ttechnique is an industry of high technique information, therefore MIS development with management need to provide with the profession technical personnel, and include the MIS hardware to support and the system analyzer, procedurer.The first development of MIS, can with the computer network development profession unit it is what shortcut, understand the management with understand the calculator network technique profession the personnel the combination can receive the half effort and double results's result, and also educated the own profession personneled in the development processed at the same time, and this is completely necessary that to make.It is right that management personnel of MIS usage is a new thing, most part of not understand or understand very few, and this will beg to manage the personnel to use to MIS of train again.

    Forth, establish the MIS that have the Chinese characteristic  

    There is a lot of method in how to make Chinese enterprise MIS. One is brought MIS from abroad, such as the MRP Ⅱ etc, but the model of enterprise management  from abroad can hardly adapt to the Chinese business .Two is a local oneself development the fundamental establish the MIS according to the traditional method, and use complicacy, with each other the impassability use, can't enlarge, the without standard can talk, change policies too frequently.So should we establish a what kind of MIS?The answer has a, is to want to establish to have the business enterprise of special features China the calculator management the information system.From physically set out practical and realistic, this is we right point of departure that solve problem.The actual characteristics that Chinese business enterprise manage is an our country socialism to be placed in the early class stage, now and at establish the socialism market economy the system, to business enterprise to establish the modern business enterprise management system, this Chinese business enterprise of decision the management want to walk to match to Chinese business enterprise physically contain business enterprise of special features oneself to manage the road.Under this big premise, the MIS of the Chinese business enterprise can't obviously from the abroad complete usher in, but should be regard as a principle,  have the  enterprise of special features China to manage the road.The our country now be placed ins to reform to open the stage, the whole works to include the business enterprises the managements to is all at continuously reform variety in, tradition the management mode that fall behind is all with method at break, new science management mode establish with perfect in, this also bring to establishing of MIS very big difficulty.Base on above reason business enterprise the MIS should have China the special features, orientation Chinese business enterprise circumstance, its characteristics is:


1,satisfy the demand of the socialism market economy , and meet the request of modern enterprise system, and include the enterprise system with the mechanism, management workflow;


2, find out the information of business management inside common of, constant of, the most basal thing, constitute the mold piece the most basic tool mold for developping, it including the business enterprise management the information the piece the system for, these molds piece can arbitrarily combining, born and contented and different demand with variety, and avoid the development of large quantity repetition;


3, according to the computer network system, It should be system gather, application software, particularly Chinese characters handle with abroad is not suitable for China proceeds development, in keeping with demand of that Chinese business management;


4, according to the actual circumstance of Chinese enterprise,it should bring into the MIS automately,because they can't be divided, and like this match two  on one circulate on an equipmentsing, blend more reasonable together, more economic.


The basic principle that MIS establish to develop should follow below what time:

(1)Networked: Modern business administration information network link , guarantee to realize with the computer network just already. Should adopt the work station , so can can work alone network as well as, guarantee that the two trends are on-line, But not do the way of switching over given by hand;

(2)Standardization: Business administration want lean national standard and international standard against, relevant computer network technology should be totally leant against the international standard, Stop standard of supporting oneself firmly, data code should carry out national relevant standards;

(3)Normerlization: Enterprise management craft rules and enterprise rules and regulations,etc. want the standardization, Unify the standard , could guarantee the commonability in this way;

(4)molderlization:The business management is ever-changing, continuously of improvement, but some and the most basic thing and some common tools are seldom change of, the function mold piece that these are minimize design, living to become useful with software again, and combine the born and different system according to the different demand with satisfy the customer demand.

Should guarantee as to network system:

(1)Advance: It include two content, first business administration should adopt the most advanced modernized office procedure at present; Second computer network technology equipment in need, technical indicator,etc. want and guarantee one year backward, Must guard against system develop equipment backward situation appear already too;

(2)Opening:because of the opening of  socialism market,business management also should be opened.This means the economic information and the technique information of the enterprise,the opening of usher in the exterior information, technique cooperation .The another computer network also faces to opening developments, and closing system can be in the individual section usage.Opening benefit to the sharing of resources;

3)Enlarge ability:the development of computer network are very quickly, The design of MIS should ensure the hardware equipments can be promote to higher grade in the condition that software equipments can be suited without changing,and it can enlarge, this will save a lot of fundses, and guarantee the MIS advanced;

4)Maneuverability:The right management personnel comes say, using the MIS should face to use the pen to is so simple with paper.Design to MIS come saying to must make the system operation Chien then, the should attain to not understand the calculator's personning can also operate or in brief the training can immediately operate;

5)Economic:the design of MIS not only should consider the funds problem  of equipments design themselves,but also should consider to increase the management efficiency after usage of MIS,and the more importance is to improve  exaltation of the enterprise;

6)In general use:The current MIS, a business enterprise that our country develop is similar, even an each section of business enterprise too different, therefore result in large quantity repetition the development, large quantity wasted talented person's material resources.This will beg the MIS development to match the in general use, our country the profession is many, therefore consider, want the branch office the industry, layering the time the demand for developping the different MIS, then adapt the profession from the in general use.


Fifth, systematic structure and development approach of MIS

The MIS development work primarily points to apply the development of the softwares, and the process of its development can is divided into the system the analysis, system the design, system to  into practice three stages. Here the what point emphasize is the development that MIS apply software to at the request of strictly press calculator software the engineering the technique comes proceeding, Now have already release the standard  " computer software engineering norm national standard" to benefit to the software to develop the process's control, management, increase software quantity, shorten the developing time, and reduce the development with support the expenses, and press engineering to standardize proceeds, Its source program of firsthand information that developed , relevant technical data, the file ,etc. are complete , Make software development science is effective. If the software development not press the software engineering technique the standard request the proceeding, then the equal  to engineering have no the diagram paper the document, once wrong, maintenance, modification can be who development who proceed, this irregularity certainly eradicate completely, otherwise the result be so terrible we dare not think about it.

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