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2010-07-06 21:12:00

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Number of sets of natural numbers less than n which sum to n.

The integer sequence was in : A111133 Seems easy. Sub Calc() Dim n As Long, count(), i As Long n = 500 ReDim count(n) count(0) = 1 For...

2010-01-17 17:07:00

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Select n numbers from 1 to m with all of array 'all' and none of array 'none'

How to select n numbers from 1 to m with all of array all and none of array none? Try the following codes,please. Sub getall(ByVal m As Long, ByVal n...

2009-12-15 22:07:00

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Solutions to place plus or minus signs to a non-zero digits sequence 123456789 so that result of thus described arithmetic opera

Its very easy to solve the problem,but maybe useful for elementary students. Sub getall() Dim s(300) As String, v(300) As Long, result As Long, te...

2009-12-06 21:43:00

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123456789这九个按顺序排列的数,要求在它们之间插入若干个+,-,*,/ ,使其结果正好等于100如: 1*2*3*4+5+6+7*8+9=100 以下代码在基础上修改...

2009-11-20 13:23:00

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Nine Digits Expression

Problem: Insert + ,-,*,/ signs as necessary in the string 123456789 to form an expression that evaluates to a certain number. Answer: Sub test() g...

2009-02-18 01:31:00

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Nine-digit Fractions

Problem: Suppose integer A,B(A>B) and Double C were satisified A/B=C and all digits(1-9)  each used just once in the all 3 numbers(A,B,C) respecti...

2009-02-17 21:31:00

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Ten-digit Fractions

Similar with another article of mine: Nine-digit FractionsProblem: Suppose integer A,B(A>B) and single C were satisified A/B=C and all digits(0-9)...

2009-02-11 13:45:00

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Nine-digit Fractions(II)

Problem: Suppose integer A,B(A>B) and single C were satisified A/B=C and all digits(1-9)  each used just once in the both sides of the equality re...

2009-02-11 01:16:00

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题目:一堆猴子编号依次是1,2,3 ...n ,这群猴子(n个)按照1到n的顺序围坐一圈,从第1开始报数,报双数的猴子离开此圈,这样依次下来,直到圈中只剩下最后一只猴子,则该猴子为大王。 解法: 1.集合的方法(O(2N)): Function Monkeyking(ByVal n As Long...

2009-02-10 15:30:00

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Multi select elements which sums upto a certain number from an array(II)

Give an array and a certain number,how to select some of the elements to sums upto the number? (Also see

2009-02-03 20:49:00

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Largest Ten Digit Powers

The idea was Inspirated  from  the following link:  Homogeneous  Square Numbers (Provided by mathe, Look a...

2009-01-11 15:39:00

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The Number of Triangles Formed by Intersecting Diagonals of a Regular Polygon

Reproduced  from     Journal of Integer Sequences, Vol. 1 (1998), Article 98.1.5The...

2009-01-09 19:02:00

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Google Treasure Hunt 2008--Robot Problem

  QuestionA robot is located at the top-left corner of a 65 x 45  grid (marked Start in the diagram below).The robot can only move either down or rig...

2009-01-01 12:46:00

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About Google Treasure Hunt 2008

今天比较高兴,一口气做完了四道题目。看来VB6 仍有用武之地,尽管速度着实令人失望。  Thank you for entering the Treasure Hunt! Here are the first correct entries we received for the email ad...

2008-12-30 15:37:00

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Get prime numbers nearby a number less than 10^10

For any given number less than 10^10,you can get prime numbers from 10000 numbers nearby it by the following codes: Private Sub Command1_Click()Debug...

2008-12-28 20:32:00

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C++ 实现"1234567"的全排列

原帖地址(方法1:#include char c[9];int x,j,k;int main(int i){for(i=35280;i--;)if(j=i%7,c[j+...

2008-12-24 16:05:00

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题目:在SHEET2中列出SHEET1表中重量不超过170,体积不超过200的所有组合( Sheet1 序号重量体积1253022631327324

2008-12-20 13:43:00

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2008-12-08 22:45:00

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一个九位数由1-9数字组成并前N 位被N整除


2008-11-26 19:13:00

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