Introducing deep learning and long-short term memory networks

Detecting anomalies in IoT time-series data by using deep learning Romeo Kienzler Published on May 16, 2017 FacebookTwitte...

2017-10-02 15:12:35

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Deep Learning for Chatbots, Part 1 – Introduction

Chatbots, also called Conversational Agents or Dialog Systems, are a hot topic. Microsoft is making big bets on chatbots, and so are companies like...

2017-10-01 15:00:43

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Exploring Qualcomm's Secure Execution Environment

Welcome to a new series of blog posts! In this series, we'll dive once more into the world of TrustZone, and explore a new chain of vulnerabilitie...

2017-09-28 05:00:34

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QSEE privilege escalation vulnerability and exploit (CVE-2015-6639)

In this blog post we'll discover and exploit a vulnerability which will allow us to gain code execution within Qualcomm's Secure Execution Environmen...

2017-09-28 04:59:14

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War of the Worlds - Hijacking the Linux Kernel from QSEE

After seeing a full QSEE vulnerability and exploit in the previous blog post, I thought it might be nice to see some QSEE shellcode in action. A...

2017-09-28 04:57:13

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TrustZone Kernel Privilege Escalation (CVE-2016-2431)

In this blog post we'll continue our journey from zero permissions to code execution in the TrustZone kernel. Having previously elevated our privil...

2017-09-28 04:55:33

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Extracting Qualcomm's KeyMaster Keys - Breaking Android Full Disk Encryption

After covering a TrustZone kernel vulnerability and exploit in the previous blog post, I thought this time it might be interesting to explore some ...

2017-09-28 04:52:54

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