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  • In Jdeveloper, when I am running my web application I am frequently left with the following error from the integrated server:

<Warning> <Socket> <BEA-000449> <Closing socket as no data read from it during the configured idle timeout of 5 secs>

This is because I sometimes have multiple browsers/windows open of same application connections due to stopping and start the server each time opens a new window. Closing down all browsers/windows related to the application connection can avoid the problem.

  • I had the same problem on my production environment. This message is logged when user does not wait for the whole page to load and clicks on some other link. In my view we can not control users action. So i applied a log filter so that this particular message is not shown with complete stack trace.

If you want to follow this solution. Go to Admin console -> Click on Domain->Configuration->Log Filters->create new Log filter.

I added this line in expression "(MESSAGE !='Closing socket as no data read from it during the configured idle timeout of 5 secs')"

Go to your server-(for each server you have to set it individually)->Logging->Advanced->Select this log filter for Standard Out or log file.

  • Hi All,

Set the following details.

Action Capacity tuning of the server is required.

Please set the parameter -Dweblogic.client.socket.ConnectTimeout=XXX, in
startupscript of the
AdminServer, and all the managed servers under JAVA_OPTIONS and check whether
it is showing the same behaviour or not, where "XXX" is the value in ms.

I hope you already set this tuning.
Set the duration to a higher value-
Managed Server > Protocols > HTTP > Duration: 60 seconds
The amount of time the server waits before closing an inactive HTTP connection.

good News for this issue.

I found one BUG for this issue 9392977

Please check further details from Support Team on this issue.


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