Hublot Launches New Big Bang Replica Watches

Big Bang Luna Rossa has become a new 2007 addition to the Hublot Big Band replica watches family. The timepiece commemorates Hublot-Luna Rossa partnership and strengthens the replica watches brand's long-established connection to the world of the sea and boats. Even the brand's name, as well as the shape of its replica watches cases, hints at its links to the nautical realms - Hublot means 'porthole' in French.

Hublot Big Bang Luna RossaThe partnership with Luna Rossa marked the replica watches brand's initiative to join the prestigious America Class sailing regatta. It is not the first time Hublot has entered the yachting world. On the list of the replica watches brand's partnerships there such noteworthy names as Monaco Yacht Club, Wally, Real Club de Palma, and Hublot PalmaVela. The initial Big Bang replica watches was dedicated to Tuiga. It represented a 15-meter J-Class yacht that was constructed in 1909, and then renovated in 1993. the yacht replica watches belonged to the Monaco Yacht Club.

The new replica watches partners to join forces in a sports sailing contest are united by sharing a lot of common values - creative and innovative spirit, facing new challenges, great performance, advanced technology and highly qualified experts in the field of their activities. Hublot-Luna replica watches union once again highlights the replica watches brand's concept of Fusion. A Hublot replica watches and a Luna Rossa boat symbolize elegance and luxury - they correspond to the top technological demands and feature avant-garde design.

The latest Hublot reflects the image of a contemporary yacht. Luna Rossa stays for the name of the team that will join the oldest in the world sailing race for the third time to fight for the title of a replica watches winning challenger.

Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa will be launched in limited number of 1000 pieces. The replica watches brand's master replica watches makers applied advanced technology materials for the timepiece's production, such as Kevlar, carbon, ceramics, titanium, and rubber. The Luna Rossa signature is featured on the distinctive red line on the carbon dial, and also inside the rubber strap.

It is a rather big-sized replica watches - its case is created in brushed and polished black ceramic and measures 44.5 mm in diameter. The rigorous look of the replica watches is completed by matt black ceramic bezel featuring 6 polished titanium H-shaped screws. The carbon black dial of the Big Bang reveals white Hublot logo at 9 o'clock, while white Luna Rosso logo on a red background is placed at 10 o'clock. The timepiece is equipped with an automatic winding chronograph movement.

The novelty replica watches will be distributed by the brand's retailers and will be also available for the first time in the most exclusive Prada stores.

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