FlipTransform for iOS

http://www.cocoacontrols.com/controls/fliptransform iOS-Flip-Transform Summary Animation component for the effect of flipping as...

2013-03-11 03:56:51

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UIImage Sprite Additions

一种动画的实现方式  https://github.com/r3econ/UIImage-Sprite-Additions Useful UIImage category for handling sprite sheets. This add-on smoothe...

2013-03-11 03:49:42

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CoolUIViewAnimations 几种动画效果

https://github.com/pdetagyos/CoolUIViewAnimations CoolUIViewAnimations 几种动画效果,翻页,弹出,变小消失等。

2013-03-11 03:46:42

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PathMove - 沿着曲线运动的 demo

https://github.com/JoalahDesigns/PathMove A demonstration of moving an object along a bezier path in iOS Released under a BSD-3 license

2013-03-11 02:56:09

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