LeetCode 646 Maximum Length of Pair Chain(贪心)

You are given n pairs of numbers. In every pair, the first number is always smaller than the second number. Now, we define a pair (c, d) can follo...

2017-07-23 13:58:20

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HDOJ 3466 Proud Merchants(贪心 + 01背包)

Proud Merchants Problem Description Recently, iSea went to an ancient country. For such a long time, it was the most wealthy and powerful kingdo...

2016-08-02 22:06:21

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HDOJ 4864 Task(贪心)

Task Problem Description Today the company has m tasks to complete. The ith task need xi minutes to complete. Meanwhile, this task has a difficu...

2016-07-28 23:10:23

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POJ 3253 Fence Repair(贪心 + 优先队列)

Fence Repair Description Farmer John wants to repair a small length of the fence around the pasture. He measures the fence and finds that he need...

2016-07-10 14:55:31

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POJ 3069 Saruman's Army(贪心)

Saruman's Army Description Saruman the White must lead his army along a straight path from Isengard to Helm’s Deep. To keep track of his forces,...

2016-07-09 17:27:11

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