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  • Cross-media Structured Common Space for Multimedia Event Extraction

  • Discourse as a Function of Event: Profiling Discourse Structure in News Articles around the Main Event

  • Document-Level Event Role Filler Extraction using Multi-Granularity Contextualized Encoding

  • Improving Event Detection via Open-domain Trigger Knowledge

  • A Large-Scale Multi-Document Summarization Dataset from the Wikipedia Current Events Portal

  • A Two-Step Approach for Implicit Event Argument Detection


  • A Novel Cascade Binary Tagging Framework for Relational Triple Extraction

  • Dialogue-Based Relation Extraction

  • Exploiting the Syntax-Model Consistency for Neural Relation Extraction

  • Generalizing Natural Language Analysis through Span-relation Representations

  • In Layman’s Terms: Semi-Open Relation Extraction from Scientific Texts

  • Learning Interpretable Relationships between Entities, Relations and Concepts via Bayesian Structure Learning on Open Domain Facts

  • Probing Linguistic Features of Sentence-Level Representations in Relation Extraction

  • Rationalizing Medical Relation Prediction from Corpus-level Statistics

  • Reasoning with Latent Structure Refinement for Document-Level Relation Extraction

  • Relabel the Noise: Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations via Cooperative Multiagents

  • TACRED Revisited: A Thorough Evaluation of the TACRED Relation Extraction Task

  • Towards Understanding Gender Bias in Relation Extraction

  • TransS-Driven Joint Learning Architecture for Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition

  • ZeroShotCeres: Zero-Shot Relation Extraction from Semi-Structured Webpages

  • A Relational Memory-based Embedding Model for Triple Classification and Search Personalization

  • Implicit Discourse Relation Classification: We Need to Talk about Evaluation

  • Relation Extraction with Explanation

  • Revisiting Unsupervised Relation Extraction


  • An Effective Transition-based Model for Discontinuous NER

  • Multi-Cell Compositional LSTM for NER Domain Adaptation

  • Simplify the Usage of Lexicon in Chinese NER

  • Single-/Multi-Source Cross-Lingual NER via Teacher-Student Learning on Unlabeled Data in Target Language

  • FLAT: Chinese NER Using Flat-Lattice Transformer

  • TriggerNER: Learning with Entity Triggers as Explanations for Named Entity Recognition

  • A Unified MRC Framework for Named Entity Recognition

  • Bipartite Flat-Graph Network for Nested Named Entity Recognition

  • Code and Named Entity Recognition in StackOverflow

  • Improving Multimodal Named Entity Recognition via Entity Span Detection with Unified Multimodal Transformer

  • Multi-Domain Named Entity Recognition with Genre-Aware and Agnostic Inference

  • Named Entity Recognition without Labelled Data: A Weak Supervision Approach

  • Pyramid: A Layered Model for Nested Named Entity Recognition

  • Sources of Transfer in Multilingual Named Entity Recognition

  • Temporally-Informed Analysis of Named Entity Recognition

  • Improving Low-Resource Named Entity Recognition using Joint Sentence and Token Labeling

  • Instance-Based Learning of Span Representations: A Case Study through Named Entity Recognition

  • Named Entity Recognition as Dependency Parsing

  • Soft Gazetteers for Low-Resource Named Entity Recognition


  • Few-shot Slot Tagging with Collapsed Dependency Transfer and Label-enhanced Task-adaptive Projection Network

  • Learning to Customize Model Structures for Few-shot Dialogue Generation Tasks

  • Dynamic Memory Induction Networks for Few-Shot Text Classification

  • Few-Shot NLG with Pre-Trained Language Model

  • Shaping Visual Representations with Language for Few-Shot Classification

  • Span-ConveRT: Few-shot Span Extraction for Dialog with Pretrained Conversational Representations


  • Aligned Dual Channel Graph Convolutional Network for Visual Question Answering

  • Autoencoding Pixies: Amortised Variational Inference with Graph Convolutions for Functional Distributional Semantics

  • Bipartite Flat-Graph Network for Nested Named Entity Recognition

  • Document Modeling with Graph Attention Networks for Multi-grained Machine Reading Comprehension

  • Fine-grained Fact Verification with Kernel Graph Attention Network

  • GCAN: Graph-aware Co-Attention Networks for Explainable Fake News Detection on Social Media

  • Graph Neural News Recommendation with Unsupervised Preference Disentanglement

  • Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks for Extractive Document Summarization

  • Heterogeneous Graph Transformer for Graph-to-Sequence Learning

  • Integrating Semantic and Structural Information with Graph Convolutional Network for Controversy Detection


  • BiRRE: Learning Bidirectional Residual Relation Embeddings for Supervised Hypernymy Detection

  • Orthogonal Relation Transforms with Graph Context Modeling for Knowledge Graph Embedding

  • Relational Graph Attention Network for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

  • Neighborhood Matching Network for Entity Alignment

  • Dependency Graph Enhanced Dual-transformer Structure for Aspect-based Sentiment Classification

  • SpanMlt: A Span-based Multi-Task Learning Framework for Pair-wise Aspect and Opinion Terms Extraction

  • Span-ConveRT: Few-shot Span Extraction for Dialog with Pretrained Conversational Representations





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