Codeforces Round #696 (Div. 2) 寒假训练题解

A. Puzzle From the Future

In the 2022 year, Mike found two binary integers a and b of length n (both of them are written only by digits 0 and 1) that can have leading zeroes. In order not to forget them, he wanted to construct integer d in the following way:

he creates an integer c as a result of bitwise summing of a and b without transferring carry, so c may have one or more 2-s. For example, the result of bitwise summing of 0110 and 1101 is 1211 or the sum of 011000 and 011000 is 022000;
after that Mike replaces equal consecutive digits in c by one digit, thus getting d. In the cases above after this operation, 1211 becomes 121 and 022000 becomes 020 (so, d won’t have equal consecutive digits).
Unfortunately, Mike lost integer a before he could calculate d himself. Now, to cheer him up, you want to find any binary integer a of length n such that d will be maximum possible as integer.

Maximum possible as integer means that 102>21, 012<101, 021=21 and so on.

The first line contains a single integer t (1≤t≤1000) — the number of test cases.

The first line of each test case contains the integer n (1≤n≤105) — the length of a and b.

The second line of each test case contains binary integer b of length n. The integer b consists only of digits 0 and 1.

It is guaranteed that the total sum of n over all t test cases doesn’t exceed 105.

For each test case output one binary integer a of length n. Note, that a or b may have leading zeroes but must have the same length n.

解题思路: 直接做就完事了,刚开始错把数组类型设成了int,导致一整个数字字符串被当成整型数组输入了。

using namespace std;
char b[100005],a[100005];
int main(){
	int t;
		long long n;
		for(long long j=0;j<n;j++) cin>>b[j];
		for(long long i=1;i<n;i++){
			if(a[i-1]-'0'+b[i-1]-'0'==1&&b[i]=='1') a[i]='1';
			else if(a[i-1]-'0'+b[i-1]-'0'==1&&b[i]=='0') a[i]='0';
			else if(a[i-1]-'0'+b[i-1]-'0'==2&&b[i]=='1') a[i]='0';
			else if(a[i-1]-'0'+b[i-1]-'0'==2&&b[i]=='0') a[i]='1';
			else if(a[i-1]-'0'+b[i-1]-'0'==0&&b[i]=='0') a[i]='1';
			else if(a[i-1]-'0'+b[i-1]-'0'==0&&b[i]=='1') a[i]='1';
		for(long long i=0;i<n;i++) cout<<a[i];
	return 0;
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