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1. Self introduction 

My name is Wang Donglin, a student from Electronic Engineering Class one. Most of the time, I am a quiet person who likes to think about some problems quietly. I am persistent about what I like and will make great efforts for it. I usually prefer to learn logical things. Although it is difficult to learn these things, I can get a great sense of achievement. In the summer vacation after the college entrance examination, I read some books related to programming, and I fell in love with coding from then on. At first I thought it was cool to write code, but then I realized it was really cool to write high-quality code that was easy to understand.


2. Skills

- C

- C++

- Python

- Matlab

- Ardunio

Quartus II

3. Shortcomings

- Lack of practical experience

- Inadequate teamwork skills

- The scope of knowledge is not wide enough, the depth of learning is not enough

4.Coding Quantity

According to the experiments and assignments assigned by the school, as well as some electronic competitions I have participated in, my current coding amount should be around 2000. I hope my coding ability can be greatly improved after this course.

5. Course Planning

- Complete course assignments on time and ensure quality

- Improve my coding skills

- Cultivate teamwork ability and improve communication with team members



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