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Personal Summary

What I have achieved



The Mythical Man-Month 


Team Analysis

Proof of Software Engineering Learning


Personal Summary

        At the beginning of this blog, I should put the link of the first blog which is First Blog

What I have achieved

  • I have obtained the experience of development of Wechat mini program "Bobing" and " 牛码宝宝". 
  • I have the opportunity to develope my coding skills by converting the theoritical knowledge into the reality. I write the codes in front-end and learn something interesting. I have also learned something about Django in back-end development. 


        I still couldn't develope a completed back-end due to my self-learning ability. If I have enough time, I may finish the study in the future.


  • Count how many lines of code you have completed in this software engineering practice 

        500 in mini program project and 1000 in Bobing.

  • How much time does each operation of software engineering practice take? (Make a list)
Writing Blog10%
  • Which assignment impressed you most? Why?

        I think Bobing Game assignment impressed me a lot. Due to the limit of time, my teammate and I should stay up to accomplish our mini program which did harm to our health. But the final result is the best present to our hard working.

  • How many hours have you spent on soft work practice? How many hours per week on average?

        I don't know. Half a week maybe.

  • What new software has been learned and used? 

        starUML, MODAO and Pycharm.

  • What new tools have been learned and used?

        VS code and Wechat Developer Tools.

  • What new languages, platforms and methods have been learned and mastered?

        JavaScript, HTML and Python.

The Mythical Man-Month 

        I have learned a lot in personal project and I really want thank my teammates of the team projects. They helped me a lot in coding. The most important thing I have learned is to keep going even if the work is tough and the deadline is hard to achieve. I believe that the knowledge I obtained in back-end and mini program development will bring me high proficiency in the future.


  • For me as a freshman

        I will improve my ability and ask my schoolmates in other majors about this course what I need to prepare for the following tough work.

  • To Mr.Zhang

        I think you should lower the demand of the course because we didn't learn anything about back-end or front-end before this course. It is horrible to learn so many things in such a short time since we have other courses to learn. And if you can recommand something useful, we will appreciate for it.

  • Teammate   

        I never want to change my teammates as all of them are excellent!

Team Analysis

  • The early stage

        At the beginning of the business, everyone has a spirit of striving, the whole team is striving atmosphere. As long as the leader of an experienced group, it is easy to lead people into battle. Without experience and ability, even good intentions cannot be combative.

  • The turbulence

        After a period of time, members got to know each other and found that they had unrealistic expectations for the team. Problems in the team began to be exposed and conflicts between people began to appear.

        At this point, the team will enter a dangerous state. People's abilities are not particularly high and their thoughts are confused, which can be changed through the efforts of managers or team leaders.

  • The productive period

        This is when team members identify with the team, are in good spirits, and begin to be able to contribute to the team. The team enters a productive period.

  •  A recession

        When the high yield period reaches a certain level, there is a marginal effect, and after a period of time it will enter a period of decline. Some people take credit for themselves, some people do not want to make progress, some people adhere to stereotypes and so on.

        I think we're always in the middle of a productive period, as we know each other well and are devoted to do something really useful for our team.

Proof of Software Engineering Learning

Back-end Repository

Front-end Repository


Personal Project


Where there is a will, there is a way.

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