anti-spam, smart screen.

While I investigating a content filter issue of exchange, I ran into this class SmartScreen, we dont have its source code, I dont know what it is, I ...

2011-06-30 15:37:00

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P1 and P2 Headers in SMTP

P1 = the value on the MAIL FROM command of the SMTP connection (the message envelope) as defined in RFC 821.P2 = the email address in the message bod...

2011-06-29 16:51:00

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Diagnosing symbol problems

Most problem when using windbg on my site is symbol issue, so log it.  Diagnosing symbol problemsIf you’re having problems loading symbols or you thi...

2011-06-29 13:49:00

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What Every Dev Must Know About Multithreaded Apps MorrisonThis article discusses:Multithreading and the shared memory threading modelRaces ...

2011-06-08 16:05:00

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