i can say ABC(2006-06-22)

1:silent movie

2: move it

      A:go faster

     B:get out of the way

  EG:don't stand in the door way talking. move it! i need to pass

3:those boys are no more fit to be soldiers than you are to be caption

    be fit for/ be fit to do

4: to mess with something is to temper with it in a bad way

eg: my dad was messing with my computer so it isn't working properly right now

5:dump blonde 贬义词:漂亮但头脑有点笨

   stop giving the wrong answers in class they will think you're a dump blonde

6:a different world  不一样的世界

     EG: living in austral feels like a different world from living in china

7:break up


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