maven 资源库介绍(开发包描述)
最近使用maven,才发现自己掌握的java开发包太少啦,于是就将 的开发包加上了描述。这可花了我三个晚上BlushBlush,也希望大家将自己了解的开发包加进来,让java开发包遍地开花,大家也可就具体开发包谈谈自己使用心得。Clown 也希望斑竹多鼓励啦,壮我java开发人员军威(有这么开发包还怕谁), 我们java开发人员有礼啦!WinkWinkWink 开发包描述(可能丢了一点):
HTTPClient/ a complete http client library
aelfred/ A free Java-based XML parser
altrmi/ AltRMI is a from-scratch replacement for RMI
ant-contrib/ Useful little Ant tasks
ant-doxygen/ Useful little Ant tasks
ant/ build system
antlr/ ANother Tool for Language Recognition
anttex/ TeX Extensions to ANT
aptconvert/ convert the APT format to HTML, XHTML, PDF...
ashkelon/ navigating JavaDoc-like information about classes, members etc.
asm/ Java bytecode manipulation framework
aspectj/ seamless aspect-oriented extension to java
avalon/ complete platform for component programming
axion/ a small, fast, open source relational database system
axis/ implementation of the SOAP
batik/ based toolkit for svg
bcel/ Byte Code Engineering Library
blissed/ Java state-machine framework
bouncycastle/ Crypto package is a Java implementation of cryptographic algorithms
bsf/ Bean Scripting Framework
bsh/ Lightweight Scripting for Java
burlap/ Burlap web service protocol
cactus/ simple test framework for unit testing server-side java code
castor/ open source data binding framework
cglib/ powerful, high performance and quality Code Generation Library
checkstyle/ check Java code that adheres to a coding standardc
classworlds/ framework for container developers who require complex manipulation of Java's ClassLoaders
clover/ code coverage analysis tool
com.walding/ Montage is a web photoalbum
commons-betwixt/ an XML introspection mechanism for mapping beans to XML in a flexible way
commons-cli/ Command Line Interface
commons-codec/ provides implementations of common encoders and decoders such as Base64, Hex, various phonetic encodings, and URLs
commons-collections/ java Collections API
commons-configuration/ a project to provide a generic Configuration interface and allow the source of the values to vary.
commons-dbcp/ connection pool
commons-digester/ configure an XML -> Java object mapping module
commons-discovery/ discovering, or finding, implementations for pluggable interfaces
commons-el/ the JSP 2.0 Expression Language Interpreter from Apache.
commons-email/ provide send mail function
commons-fileupload/ FileUpload package
commons-grant/ a small collection of hacks to make using Jakarta Ant in an embedded envinronment much easier.
commons-httpclient/ HttpClient to provide the core HTTP functionality
commons-io/ package of Java utility classes for's hierarchy
commons-jelly/ a tool for turning XML into executable code
commons-jexl/ Jexl is an expression language engine designed for easy embedding in applications and frameworks
commons-jux/ A common set of JUnit extensions, largely for test inheritance
commons-jxpath/ a simple interpreter of an expression language called XPath
commons-lang/ provide enough methods for manipulation of its core classes
commons-latka/ a functional (end-to-end) testing tool
commons-logging/ log toolkit
commons-messenger/ JMS (Java Message Service) framework which makes it very easy to use JMS in Web Service and Web Application environments.
commons-modeler/ designed to make this process fairly painless -- the required metadata is configured from an XML description of each Model MBean to be supported
commons-net/ an Internet protocol suite Java library
commons-pool/ Object-pooling API
commons-resources/ providing customized MessageResources implementations that can access resource strings from any desired static or dynamically updated collection
commons-sql/ a component for working with databases and generating DDL
commons-threadpool/ a component for working with pools of threads and asynchronously executing tasks.
commons-vfs/ a single API for accessing various different file systems
concurrent/ Concurrent Programming in Java
cornerstone-connection/ provides a facility to listen for incoming socket connections
cornerstone-datasour..> provides a way to select DataSourceComponent
cornerstone-scheduler/ provides a services supporting the scheduling of activities to occur an certain intervals
cornerstone-sockets/ provides a way to lookup a factory for server of client sockets
cornerstone-store/ provides a way to store named Objects or Streams without knowing how they are stored
cornerstone-threads/ provides a way get default or named Thread Pool
crimson/ Crimson is a Java XML parser
crossdb/ provide cross database tools for manipulating all major databases
cryptix/ an international volunteer effort to produce robust, open-source cryptographic software libraries
dbunit/ JUnit extension targeted for database-driven projects
dnsjava/ an implementation of DNS in Java
dom4j/ the flexible XML framework for Java
drools/ augmented implementation of Forgy's Rete algorithm tailored for the object-oriented language of
dtdparser/ DTD parsers for Java
easymock/ a Java library that provides an easy way to use Mock Objects in unit testing with JUnit.
eclipse/ a kind of universal tool platform
ecs/ enerating elements for various markup languages it directly supports HTML 4.0 and XML
edenlib/ collection of Java libraries
edtftp/ an entire FTP client library written in Java
ejb/ enterprise java bean
excalibur/ contains a set of utilitiy projects used in the development of container facilities
exist/ Open Source XML Database
exml/ a simple, fast and comprehensive Java toolkit for parsing and manipulating XML documents
exolabcore/ informal organization working on the development of Open Source enterprise software projects
exteca/ an ontology-based technology written in Java for high-quality knowledge management and document categorisation
fastutil/ Small, fast type-specific maps, sets, and lists for Java
fesi/ Free EcmaScript Interpreter
findbugs/ A Bug Pattern Detector for Java
flux/ Servlet based framework
fop/ Formatting Objects Processor
forehead/ a very small framework to assist in controlling the run-time ClassLoader hierarchy of Java applications
formproc/ Web Form Proccesing and Validation
foxtrot/ small but powerful framework for using threads with the JavaTM Foundation Classes
freebxml/ an initiative that aims to foster the development and adoption of ebXML
freemarker/ is a "template engine"; a generic tool to generate text output (anything from HTML or RTF to autogenerated source code) based on templates
fulcrum/ uses a proprietary concept of code templates that can be used as "building blocks" to construct efficient Java objects and applications
genjar/ a specialized Ant task that builds jar files based on class dependencies
geronimo-spec/ Apache's J2EE project
gnu-regexp/ Regular Expressions for Java
graphlayout/ provides a hands-on way to visualize networks of interrelated information
groovy/ Java Genetic Programming
gsbase/ A collection of useful Java classes
hessian/ binary web service protocol
hibernate/ powerful, ultra-high performance object/relational persistence and query service for Java
hsqldb/ a relational database engine written in Java
httpunit/ a Java library for the automatic stimulation and testing of web applications
isorelax/ Regular Language description for XML in java
itext/ generate documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF) and/or HTML.
jacl/ a Tcl implementation in Java
jalopy/ source code formatter for the Sun Java programming language
james/ Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server
jarsync/ a Java implementation of the rsync algorithm
java2html/ java library which converts any given Java component and subcomponent tree into its HTML representation
javacc/ is a parser/scanner generator for java
javagroups/ Reliable group communication based on IP multicast and configurable protocol stack
javahelp/ a full-featured, platform-independent, extensible help system
javassist/ (Java Programming Assistant) makes Java bytecode manipulation simple
jaxen/ XPath engine written in Java
jaxm/ XML Messaging (JAXM) Optional Package
jaxp/ XML Processing
jaxrpc/ XML-Based RPC
jboss/ open source application server
jca/ J2EE Connector
jce/ Java Cryptography Extension
jcifs/ Common Internet File System (CIFS) for java
jcommon/ a collection of useful classes used by JFreeChart, JFreeReport and other projects
jcoverage/ gives you the ability to write simple unit-tests for abstract classes (such as EJB 2.0 bean classes),
jcs/ a distributed caching system written in java for server-side java applications
jcvsii/ a CVS client application
jdbc/ provides cross-DBMS connectivity to a wide range of SQL databases
jdbm/ a transactional persistence engine for Java
jdepend/ traverses Java class file directories and generates design quality metrics for each Java package
jdiff/ Javadoc doclet which emits an HTML report of all the packages and so on ,whhich are different (the "diff" part) when two Java APIs are compared
jdom/ Java-based solution for accessing, manipulating, and outputting XML data
jdring/ Java Alarm Scheduler
jetty/ java weber server
jfreechart/ a class library, written in Java, for generating charts
jgen/ Code Generator
jgraph/ the most powerful, lightweight, feature-rich, and thoroughly documented open-source graph component available for Java.
jisp/ java indexed serialization package
jms/ Java Message Service
jndi/ Java Naming and Directory Interface
jsch/ Java Secure Channel
jsse/ Java Secure Socket Extension
jstl/ JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library
jstyle/ is an automated Java code review tool
jta/ Java Transaction API Specification
jtidy/ a Java port of HTML Tidy, a HTML syntax checker and pretty printer
junit-doclet/ JUnitDoclet
junit/ java unit test
junitperf/ java performance unit test
jwebunit/ a Java framework that facilitates creation of acceptance tests for web applications
jython/ an implementation of the high-level, dynamic, object-oriented language Python in java
kxml/ kvm java xml parser
kxml2/ kvm java xml parser
ldapd-common/ LDAPd will be a pure Java LDAP v3 protocol
ldapsdk/ Netscape Directory SDK for Java
log4j/ Inserting log statements into your code
logkit/ log api
lucene/ high-performance, full-featured text search engine written entirely in Java
maven/ Java project management and project comprehension tool
maxq/ a web functional testing tool
mckoi/ Mckoi SQL Database written entirely in Java.
merlin/ erlin is an advanced component and service management solution that simplifies and enhances component development
com.mysql/ mysql jdbc driver
mockcreator/ Java Mock Generator
mockobjects/ a test-first development process for building object-oriented software
msv/ Multi-Schema XML Validator
mule/ a simple yet robust and highly scalable component broker and services framework
mx4j/ Open Source implementation for the JMXTM technology
mysql/ mysql jdbc driver
nanning/ Aspect Frameworks
nekohtml/ html parser
netbeans/ an ide development tool
nsuml/ Novosoft metadata framework and uml library
odmg/ Object Data Management Group
ognl/ Object-Graph Navigation Language
ojb/ an Object/Relational mapping tool
openim/ OpenIM Java Jabber Server
openjms/ Open Source implementation of Java Message Service Specification
opensymphony/ Open Source project dedicated to providing enterprise class J2EE applications and components
oro/ a set of text-processing Java classes that provide Perl5 compatible regular expressions
p6spy/ an open source framework for applications that intercept and optionally modify database statements
patterntesting/ A new type of automated testing that ensures that development patterns, best practices, architecture design are being correctly implemented
petridish/ workflow systems.
piccolo/ is a small, extremely fast XML parser for Java
plexus/ Decouples the behaviour of service from the point in time at which service implementations are configured into an application or system
pluto-container/ is the Reference Implementation of the Java Portlet Specfication
pmd/ a Java source code analyzer.
poi/ Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files
postgresql/ PostgreSQL JDBC Drivers
prevayler/ fastest, simplest and most transparent business object persistence, ACID transaction, fault-tolerance, replication and load-balancing architecture
profiler/ an enterprise level all-in-one Java profiler
pull-parser/ XML Pull Parser
qdox/ a high speed, small footprint parser for extracting class/interface/method definitions from source files complete with JavaDoc @tags.
quartz/ Symbian Quartz SDK for Java
redhill/ Similarity Analyser)
regexp/ Java Regular Expression package
relaxngDatatype/ public space for test cases and other ancillary software related to the construction of the RELAX NG language and its implementations.
rhino/ open-source implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java
saaj/ Attachments API for Java
sax/ Simple API for XML
saxon/ The XSLT and XQuery Processor
saxpath/ Java API for XPath parsing
servletapi/ servlet api
skaringa/ a framework for Java and XML language binding
skinlf/ Skin Look And Feel
soap/ WebServices
sshtools/ a suite of Java SSH applications providing a Java SSH API, SSH Terminal, SSH secured VNC client, SFTP client and SSH Daemon
statcvs/ CVS Repository statistic analysis tool
stratum/ Java Caching System
struts-menu/ Struts Plugin that allows creation of many different menu systems from an XML file.
struts/ web development framework
strutstestcase/ an extension of the JUnit TestCase class that allows testing of individual Action objects with or without a running servlet engine
stxx/ Struts for Transforming XML with XSL
suiterunner/ A Tool for Conformance and Unit Testing for Java APIs
swt/ The Standard Widget Toolkit
sysunit/ JUnit framework for distributed unit testing
tablelayout/ An Alternative to GridBagLayout
taglibs/ an open-source repository for JSP custom tag libraries
tambora/ considered an enterprise class papiNet enabler
tapestry/ a powerful, open-source, all-Java framework for creating leading edge web applications in Java.
thaiopensource/ a schema language for XML, based on TREX and RELAX.
tjdo/ an open source implementation of Sun's JDO specification
tomcat-util/ tomcat util package
tomcat/ web server
torque/ a persistence layer
touchstone/ A certifying compiler for Java
turbine/ servlet based framework
tyrex/ the missing piece in the J2EE puzzle, a J2EE service provider for both Servlet and EJB container
urbanophile/ Java command line option parser
vdoclet/ a code-generation framework
velocity/ a Java-based template engine
velocity-tools/ collection of Velocity subprojects with a common goal of creating tools and infrastructure for building both web and non-web applications using the Velocity template engine.
village/ a 100% Pure Java API that sits on top of the JDBC API
webmacro/ 100% Java open-source template language
webtest/ free open source tool for automated testing of web applications.
webwork/ an Open Source project dedicated to providing enterprise class J2EE applications and components
werken-xpath/ XPath-Rec implementation for DOM4J
werkflow/ a Java workflow engine built against the blissed state-machine framework and the drools RETE-based rules engine.
werkz/ a lightweight framework for goal-oriented processes
which/ simple environment checking utility for Apache projects
wrapper/ Java Service Wrapper
wsdl4j/ Web Services Description Language for Java Toolkit
xalan/ an XSLT processor for transforming XML documents into HTML, text, or other XML document types
xdoclet/ a code generation framework
xerces/ the next generation of high performance, fully compliant XML parsers
xercesjarv/ JARV driver for Xerces-2
xml-apis/ xml-apis
xml-security/ aimed at providing implementation of security standards for XML
xmlbeans/ is a tool that allows you to access the full power of XML in a Java friendly way
xmldb/ Initiative for XML Databases
xmlenc/ fast stream-based XML output library for Java
xmlpull/ Common API for XML Pull Parsing
xmlrpc-helma/ XML-RPC
xmlrpc/ a Java implementation of XML-RPC
xmlunit/ JUnit and NUnit testing for XML
xmtp/ A rapidly transformable and portable , XML complients mail transfer protocol - Based on XML, SMTP, & Java
xom/ a new XML object model
xpp3/ XML Pull Parser
xsdlib/ Sun XML Datatypes Library

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maven 资源库介绍(开发包描述)