aslr – Show/set ASLR setting of GDB
展示/设置GDB的ASLR(address space layout randomization,通过对堆,栈,共享库映射等线性区布局随机化)
asmsearch – Search for ASM instructions in memory
assemble – On the fly assemble and execute instructions using NASM
checksec – Check for various security options of binary
cmpmem – Compare content of a memory region with a file
context – Display various information of current execution context
context_code – Display nearby disassembly at $PC of current execution context
context_register – Display register information of current execution context
context_stack – Display stack of current execution context
crashdump – Display crashdump info and save to file
deactive – Bypass a function by ignoring its execution (eg sleep/alarm)
distance – Calculate distance between two addresses
dumpargs – Display arguments passed to a function when stopped at a call instruction
dumpmem – Dump content of a memory region to raw binary file
dumprop – Dump all ROP gadgets in specific memory range
导出所有的ROP gadgets在一个特别的内存范围
eflags – Display/set/clear value of eflags register
展示/设置/清除 elfags寄存器的值
elfheader – Get headers information from debugged ELF file
elfsymbol – Get non-debugging symbol information from an ELF file
gennop – Generate abitrary length NOP sled using given characters
getfile – Get exec filename of current debugged process
getpid – Get PID of current debugged process
goto – Continue execution at an address
help – Print the usage manual for PEDA commands
hexdump – Display hex/ascii dump of data in memory
hexprint – Display hexified of data in memory
jmpcall – Search for JMP/CALL instructions in memory
loadmem – Load contents of a raw binary file to memory
lookup – Search for all addresses/references to addresses which belong to a memory range
nearpc – Disassemble instructions nearby current PC or given address
nextcall – Step until next ‘call’ instruction in specific memory range
nextjmp – Step until next ‘j*’ instruction in specific memory range
nxtest – Perform real NX test to see if it is enabled/supported by OS
patch – Patch memory start at an address with string/hexstring/int
pattern – Generate, search, or write a cyclic pattern to memory
pattern_arg – Set argument list with cyclic pattern
pattern_create – Generate a cyclic pattern
pattern_env – Set environment variable with a cyclic pattern
pattern_offset – Search for offset of a value in cyclic pattern
pattern_patch – Write a cyclic pattern to memory
pattern_search – Search a cyclic pattern in registers and memory
payload – Generate various type of ROP payload using ret2plt
pdisass – Format output of gdb disassemble command with colors
pltbreak – Set breakpoint at PLT functions match name regex
procinfo – Display various info from /proc/pid/
profile – Simple profiling to count executed instructions in the program
pyhelp – Wrapper for python built-in help
readelf – Get headers information from an ELF file
refsearch – Search for all references to a value in memory ranges
reload – Reload PEDA sources, keep current options untouch
ropgadget – Get common ROP gadgets of binary or library
ropsearch – Search for ROP gadgets in memory
searchmem – Search for a pattern in memory; support regex search
session – Save/restore a working gdb session to file as a script
set – Set various PEDA options and other settings
sgrep – Search for full strings contain the given pattern
shellcode – Generate or download common shellcodes.
show – Show various PEDA options and other settings
skeleton – Generate python exploit code template
skipi – Skip execution of next count instructions
snapshot – Save/restore process’s snapshot to/from file
start – Start debugged program and stop at most convenient entry
stepuntil – Step until a desired instruction in specific memory range
strings – Display printable strings in memory
substr – Search for substrings of a given string/number in memory
telescope – Display memory content at an address with smart dereferences
tracecall – Trace function calls made by the program
traceinst – Trace specific instructions executed by the program
unptrace – Disable anti-ptrace detection
utils – Miscelaneous utilities from utils module
vmmap – Get virtual mapping address ranges of section(s) in debugged process
waitfor – Try to attach to new forked process; mimic “attach -waitfor”
xinfo – Display detail information of address/registers
xormem – XOR a memory region with a key
xprint – Extra support to GDB’s print command
xrefs – Search for all call/data access references to a function/variable
xuntil – Continue execution until an address or function

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