One hundred times counterattack, adverse market soar! My name is CND

In January 2018, the entire currency circle was dead. In the harsh environment of “poor policies” and “fund exit”, the temperature of numerous excellent projects suddenly dropped to freezing point. The immense Internet of Things boss IOTA fell. The bank payment giant ripple, which soared at the end of 2017 also fell. The record-breaking coin king Bitcoin also lowered his proud head... In addition to these big currencies, there are many new types of small currency that have also been attacked, such as qwark coin. Until the appearance of the "Saint Seiya" AGI that was bathed in Athena's blood, it made the icy January 2018 have a trace of warmth.


The AI+ blockchain is destined to mark the history of blockchain history in 2018. At the time of AGI's tumultuous 17-fold stoppage, another gold fighter from the AI+ blockchain was transformed into another roaring flame in January 18th! That is CND!


cindicator(cnd) is a project that was established in 2015. Its main goal is to use Hybrid Intelligence to improve the accuracy and return on investment analysis. The proposed hybrid intelligence is different from a single artificial intelligence, because it combines human intelligence and machine intelligence and uses the complementarity between the two to solve various complex problems. In simple terms, it is through the participation of users to obtain more valuable data, and then use this machine learning algorithm to sum up the optimal investment strategy.


Here are some achievements of cnd projects you may want to know about.

2014.11: Hybrid intelligence concept was generated

2015.12: Platform's first iOS app went online

2016.1: Join Starta Blockchain Enterprise Accelerator Program and get $300,000 in funding

2016.8: Start the forward-testing test and transaction

2016.11: Get Microsoft BizSpark membership and $120,000 incentive

2017.1: Open trading signal API interface, open integration test with 11 hedge funds and 3 banks

2017.12: The Cindicator robot’s release was tested in the cryptocurrency market. The data shows that the market tracking accuracy rate of the robot is 72.41%.


The AI+ blockchain itself is the future development direction, combined with Cindicator's recent strong performance. I think everyone can hold it for a long time after the project returns.




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