customize ubuntu theme color like pycharm grey

You can edit the gtk-main.css or nautilus.css files.

I recommend you to try this under your ~/.themes and not system-wide. You may either change the background color of nautilus only or the base theme as a whole, which affects a lot more programs. In this example I will change the background color in the default Ubuntu Theme “Ambiance” (in Ubuntu Gnome use the folder Default instead) from white (#ffffff) to a light grey (#D8D8D8). Feel free to pick any other color.

For comparison how it looks like in the beginning: Natuilus css file

Create a copy in ~/
Create your ~/.themes directory and copy the original Ambiance theme to it.

mkdir ~/.themes
cp -R /usr/share/themes/Ambiance ~/.themes/
Change the background color for the whole theme
If you want to change the base color for the whole theme, edit the base_color (Hex notation #???) in gtk-main.css. This changes the background color of other applications (eg: gedit) as well.

gedit ~/.themes/Ambiance/gtk-3.0/gtk-main.css

for the color bit:

/*default color scheme */
@define-color bg_color #1f1f1f;   /*folder list bg color on the left*/
@define-color fg_color #919191;   /*folder list font color on the left*/
@define-color base_color #303030; /*bg color on the right*/
@define-color text_color #919191;  /*fg color on the right*/
@define-color selected_bg_color #f07746;
@define-color selected_fg_color #ffffff;
@define-color tooltip_bg_color #000000;
@define-color tooltip_fg_color #ffffff;

For the appearance:

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