BIM Server 使用.jar安装时遇到bug

如题,不知道大家有没有遇到这个情况,就是BIM Server 使用.jar安装时遇到bug。我的问题是安装中出现了这个语句:
14:41:35 ERROR [main]: ( java.lang.NullPointerException: null at org.bimserver.BimServer.start( at org.bimserver.JarBimServer.start( at org.bimserver.JarBimServer.main(

我在Stack Overflow上提出了这个问题,有资深的程序员回复我,这是软件开发的bug:

It looks like a bug in BIMServer to me. If I have read the code and stacktrace correctly, the BIMServer constructor appears to be (incorrectly) recovering from some initialization problem without setting the LOGGER. The calling code then attempts to call start() which fails, and triggers an NPE because it uses a null logger to log the problem.

My advice would be to report this to the maintainers via their issue tracker, giving the evidence (the stacktrace), the exact version that you used, and everything else they will need to reproduce the problem.


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