Professoion Trouble shooting for Full filesystem

Question This technote addresses some reasons a filesystem can become full, and presents ways to find out what may be filling it up in order to free...

2013-07-28 10:46:50

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How to Become an Active Listener

How to Become an Active Listener Listening is an important aspect of communication and it can assist you in building stronger relationships. While...

2013-07-27 09:30:34

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GPFS 扩充 文件系统 实践

关于 IBM GPFS 文件系统看 占了哪些盘: Step1: 先用个人 账号 登入: cd /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin Step2: 用command:  mmlsdisk /dev/fs0 The system displays information sim...

2013-07-22 13:29:40

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基于 Linux 集群环境上 GPFS 的问题诊断

GPFS 的概述 GPFS 是 IBM 公司提供的一个共享文件系统,它允许所有的集群节点可以并行访问整个文件系统。GPFS 允许客户共享文件,这些文件分布在不同节点的不同硬盘上,GPFS 还提供了 UNIX 文件系统接口并且支持 UNIX 文件系统的工具,用户可以在 Linux 集群中像使用普通...

2013-07-22 13:07:33

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辛苦的 20130714 public change

今天的public key change 在 晚上零点 搞,太辛苦了:   1 上传 对方提供的key ,发现 里面有 control + M 的中午乱码 ,这个是ash 上传工具的 版本问题,所以要用 ASCII 传输,不能用binary.   2 把 key 放到 相应的user 下,修改 a...

2013-07-17 08:19:20

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ssh 和 ssh2 之间的 转换

每次都输入密码会很烦,而且也不安全,同时还有其他一些潜在的风险,所以SSH也提供基于密钥的认证机制,你必须为自己创建一对密钥,并把公钥放在 需要访问的服务器上。客户端软件会向服务器发出请求,请求用你的私匙进行安全验证。服务器收到请求之后,先在你在该服务器的用户根目录下寻找你的公钥,然 后把它和你发...

2013-07-12 13:25:37

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Stand Steps to resovle Confict

Conflict in the workplace is but a natural and normal part of every working individual’s life. People get into conflict due to pursuance of personal ...

2013-07-09 09:03:33

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Critical Life skills

While education system is an important and an integral part of the society, it has become heavily overrated. Statistics have shown that many of the p...

2013-07-06 10:16:04

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Performance review ---- Human resouce 的 英语

关于 human resource 的English 先看一下 词汇: 1: speak to to express an opinion or discuss an issue, typically in a meeting example: Tomorrow, I plan to...

2013-07-05 09:24:07

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What are your Career Expectations?

What are your Career Expectations? Was there a time in your life wherein you were expecting for something and it did not happen? It could be a pay r...

2013-07-04 08:40:21

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关于通知 announcement 的 English

关于announcement 的English: 先看一下词汇: 1: break into to become involved in a new activity, especially in business example: The automobile company announced...

2013-07-03 19:27:09

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