Hbase1.0 客户端api

最近在试用Hbase1.0的API,发觉变化还是挺大。到处都是deprecated。最后搞出了这么一套。 为什么要改成这样呢?只知其然,不知其所以然。 Configuration  conf = HBaseConfiguration.create(); conf.set("hbase...

2015-05-28 15:59:21

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Hbase 实战 4.1 点滴

4.1.4 Targeted data access ...... Putting data into the cell value occupies the same amount of storage space as putting it into the column qualifier...

2015-05-14 14:46:47

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Hbase实战 2.2.7 合并:HBase日常工作

2.2.7 合并:HBase日常工作 The Delete command doesn’t delete the value immediately. Instead, it marks the record for deletion. That is, a new “tombstone” rec...

2015-05-05 18:55:55

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HBase实战 2.2.5 背景知识:HBase读路径

2.2.5 Under the hood: the HBase read path As a general rule, if you want fast access to data, keep it ordered and keep as much of it as possible in m...

2015-05-05 18:05:18

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HBase实战 2.2.3 背景知识: HBase写路径

2.2.3 Under the hood: the HBase write path Whether you use Put to record a new row in HBase or to modify an existing row, the internal process is the...

2015-05-05 16:09:17

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