TOEFL 段落展开方式



  1. 真实例子
    To begin with, it is no denying that movies and TV programs made in one’s own country is closer to one’s daily life and easier to understand. The setting of background and plot and the design of actor’s line all comply with natives customs and values and concepts. The laughing points hidden in the local dialect and slangs can only be comprehended by natives. So it is difficult to grasp by foreigners, not to mention the subtexts. All of those potential factors combine together make movies not as interest as it supposed to be in the eye of foreigner audiences.

  2. 编造例子
    First of all, managing money make children understand the important of thrift. Saving money is a good habit should be formed at the early age. When children are instructed to saving money they will naturally wonder the reason to do so. Learning the fact that the money earned through by parent’s harding working, they will no longer to wasting money on purpose. It paves the way for them to become a rational customer and intelligence investor in the future. For instance, I still have a piggy bank, a gift from my uncle, in my side. In my childhood I usually put my pocket coins on it. With the passing of time, the habit continues. After all, frugal is an essential quality in finally responsible person.

  3. 引用数据
    Obviously, the measure is destined to reduce the car use in peak time. Fearing of be fined of losing money some would avoid drive to work. Paying fees had been proved is one of the best way to manipulate person’s behavior in public, as it is in line with person’s generation psychology statues. It is not a unique adoption to a single nation. In this regard, Singapore introduced traffic jam fees in 1975 then Sweden, Britain, Norway and China follow suit. Due to the measure implemented, the traffic volume had brought down between 10 to 20 percent.