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hotel california(加州旅馆) - the eagles(飞鹰乐队)

on a dark desert highway.
cool wind in my hair.
warm smell of colitas rising
up through the air up ahead in the distance.
i saw a shimmering light
my head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
i had to stop for the night
there she stood in the doorway
i heard the mission bell
and i was thinking to myself
this could be heaven or this could be hell
then she lit up a candle
and she showed me the way
there were voices down in corridor
i thought i heard them say......
welcome to the hotel california
such a lovely place (such a lovely face)
there's plenty of rooms at the
hotel california
any time of year you can find it here
her mind is tiffany-twisted
she got the mercedes-benz
she got a lot of pretty,
pretty boys that she calls friends
how they dance in the courtyard
sweet summer sweat
some dance to remember
some dance to forget
so i called up the captain
please bring me my wine
he said we haven't had that spirit
here since nineteen sixty nine
and still those voices are
calling from far away
wake you up in the middle of the night
just to hear them say......
welcome to the hotel
calofornia such a lovely place
(such a loveely face)
they livin'it up at the hotel california
what a nice surprise bring your alibis
mirrors on the ceilling
the pink champagne on ice
and she said we are all just prisoners
here of our own device
and in the master's chambers
they gathered for the feast
they stab it with their steely knives
but they just can't kill the beast
last thing i remember,
i was running for the door
i had to find the passage back
to the place i was before
relax said programmed to receive
you can check out any time you like
but you can never leave

hotel california(加州旅馆)中英对照歌词

很早以前看过的,今天无意中又看到了,遂收藏之,相当经典!on a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair warm smell of colitas risi...
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Hotel California - 加州旅馆

On a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas rising up through the air Up ahe...
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  加州旅馆到底是指什么?它在哪里?   有的人认为歌曲中的加州旅馆是确实存在的,而这之中还有旅馆、戒毒所、精神病院三种说法。   (1)认为确实存在这个旅馆的人,在南加州的托多斯桑托斯(Todos...
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加州旅馆 Hotel California (The Eagles)

喜爱英文歌曲的fans没有几个不知道《Hotel California(加州旅馆)》,这首非常经典的吉他曲是二十世纪最著名的流行音乐作品之一,它造就了一批Hotel California的超级fans...
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目的地--加州旅馆 (9/12)

目的地--加州旅馆(9/12)圣何塞位于旧金山东南部, 旧金山位于圣何塞的西北部, 相距大概一个小时的车程, 但两个城市的气候(温度)差异很大. 加州要11月份才进入雨季, 所以在奔赴驻地的途中, 抬...
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加州旅馆的另外含义      这首歌反映的是当时美国吸毒泛滥,社会堕落的状态,从作者的内心里表达了当时的落魄感,很显然是作者的体会,一种想逃逃不掉的感受!用心去体会这首歌吧,永远经典的加洲旅馆,无可替...
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来源:http://blog.csdn.net/zhumi/archive/2004/07/15/42423.aspx 一   数日前与几位朋友聊起各自心目中最喜爱的歌,有人提到披头士(Beatle...
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1、 广东是中国第一经济大省,占中国GDP总量的7分之1以上。加州是美国第一经济大省,占美国GDP大约15%。    2、 广东的高科技产业突飞猛进,以一大批深圳本土企业为代表正在形成中国的硅谷。而...
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hotel california(加州旅馆) - the eagles(飞鹰乐队)

hotel california(加州旅馆) - the eagles(飞鹰乐队) on a dark desert highway.cool wind in my hair.warm smell o...
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