Result For Birth Nakshatra

General Details
You will have a very sweet nature and will be a peace loving person. You will have set principles in your life. There is a general fear about the persons born in Mula Nakshatra. You can stand against any adverse circumstantial wave. You have the capacity to navigate that wave and reach the destination.

You will not be bothered about tomorrow nor will you be very serious about your own matters. You
will keep all the happenings in the hands of god and become prey to optimism. (乐观也不是盲目总是)

Physical Characteristics
You will have a good physical appearance. You will have beautiful limbs and bright eyes. You will be
the most attractive person in your family. (这个不见得)

You may be the kind of person who renders advice to others but yourself may find it impossible to
stick to the same principles. (提出规则和建议,自己却难遵守)

You may be employed as a financial advisor or religious advisor.
Since you will be skilled in several fields there will be frequent changes of profession or trade. You
may find it hard to stick to one profession or line of work for too long. Mula born have a peculiar
characteristic of mixing too much with your friends and spending major part of your income on such
friends. It is quite natural that when expenditure is more than income. Hence it is advisable that you
keep away such friends. While, you may believe that all that is taking place on the earth is due to
god's will, you should also try to be a little selfish and find a way to improve the inflow of income. I
think god also wishes the same for you.

Out of all the 28 Nakshatras, I am dealing in this book, I have come to a conclusion that these are
the people who devote their entire energy with utmost sincerity to their employers as also to any
persons who have kept faith or trust in Mula borns. A deep study of the life of these persons has
revealed some facts about their separate entity than other Nakshatra born i.e. some sort of internal
force or some external force is briefing the natives in all the work they undertake.

You will earn your livelihood in a foreign place. It is advisable that you must, as far as possible, try to
get an opportunity either in the professional field or in the business field in a foreign land or country,
as you may not have good luck in your native place; (看上去也还可以,难道还得移民?)

As already mentioned above, you will be capable of shining in all walks of life, particularly in the field
of fine arts, as a writer and in the social work.

Family Life
Excepting a few cases, it is seen that Mula born may not derive much benefit from their parents. In
other words, you will be a self-made man and your married life will be more or less satisfactory. You
will get a spouse, which will have the qualities expected from a good wife. (这个还行)

If Sun, Moon or Venus is afflicted in the horoscope you will be affected with problems connected
with chest or upper part of the body
; if affliction is due to Mars, Saturn or Rahu you may suffer from
stomach problem. Whatever may be the nature of disease it will not be visible on your appearance
or face. The expression and attraction of your face will not change. Normally it is seen that the native
is not in the habit of taking care of his own health. With the result, some severe health problems can
be noticed in your 27th, 31st, 44th, 48th, 56th, and 60th age.(可能生大病的年龄)

Once he is addicted to any drug it will be very difficult to control such addiction. Hence he must try to
keep away from any material of intoxication. (远离毒品,珍惜生命)

Sun - Ashwini - Quarter - 2
This is not a very favorable position. If Sun is situated in this quarter, in your early childhood your
health may remain delicate till about the age of 8 years(在8岁前的确健康不甚佳).

Normally, placement of Sun in Ashwini
nakshatra, which is considered to be Sun's exaltation place, is considered to give good results. But
experience reveals otherwise; Sun in the 2nd quarter of Ashwini becomes less effective to produce
any good results. When Sun becomes less effective, other evil forces gain power.

Mercury - Bharani - Quarter - 3
You will be highly intelligent and will be long lived. You will be exceedingly fortunate in respect of
your spouse who will be nothing less than a gift of god who will have excellent adaptability to the
adjust with the ever changing circumstances. You may become a mechanical engineer or earn a
living as a building contractor. (这个有点瞎扯了)

Venus - Revati - Quarter - 1
If ascendant is Citra 1st quarter, a female native with Venus here, will be extremely beautiful, liked
by her husband and ornament to her husband's family.


Mars - Punarvasu - Quarter - 1
If Mercury is also placed here, you may earn out of oils and medicines. In the case of female native,
you may be outspoken and straightforward in your speech. However, you may need to practice more
control over your words, as it may hurt somebody's feelings. You will be filled with passion and may
have a temper. You need to take care of your physical health and avoid spending money on
unnecessarily and injudiciously.


Jupiter - Ashwini - Quarter - 4
This is a highly favorable position for Jupiter. You will earn much fame, acquire wealth and enjoy
your life in its full swing. You will have excellent progress in your sphere of profession and several
persons will be working under you. You will be blessed with worthy and dutiful children. You may
have good gains through speculative investments. (投机性投资... 股票? 彩票? ...这个...晕)

Saturn - Punarvasu - Quarter - 4
Your facial features may be dainty, but you will be good looking. You may need to be extra careful
about your health right from childhood. You would be very much attached to your mother and would
crave for her care, love and affection. You may need to keep your temper in check, which might
erupt at slightest provocation. If you let the temper control your actions, your friends and relatives
may deem you rude or arrogant.

Moon - Moola - Quarter - 1
With Mars and Venus also placed here and ascendant falls in Ardra Nakshatra, you may come in the
contact of wicked people, who may come disguised as friends.

Rahu - Swati - Quarter - 4
You will earn out of butter or milk products. You will be very helpful and compassionate. In some
cases, it has been noticed that the native may suffer from an ailment shortly after his birth, which will
not be very serious.

Ketu - Bharani - Quarter - 2
You will be highly fortunate and will lead a prosperous long life until about 63 years or even more.
You may suffer from waterborne diseases and may receive an injury in the region of your head. You
are prone to epilepsy or congestion in the brain may have cataract or your vision might be poor. You
may be employed in military or police department.(癫痫/脑血栓!! 白内障/视力差)

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